Saturday, May 5, 2012

Watching movie with the family while I'm blogging this. :) Though I have nothing to blog about. :P

I’m officially sick of McDonald. :/  (Taken with instagram)

Mc-breakfast before driving down for tuition.

3 hours of tuition is such a pain! :( Especially with my lack of sleep, my brain just isn't in the right state to do Math. :/ 

Sweet!👍 (Taken with instagram)More mangoes!:D  (Taken with instagram)

Favorite fruits! :D

Oh, and I finished 2 whole trays of jellies in a week and have been supper-ing because of all the late nights. I could literally feel that my stomach is expanding please! :/ But I just can't stop myself from feeding and can't stop my hands from making food. I know right. =.= 

So I have been feeling damn unhealthy these days. I bet my blood vessels are clogging like mad! Maybe I should start exercising too, because everyone is talking about exercising after exam. So I feel unhealthy and guilty :X But! I'm just saying though. Haha! The activation energy for exercise is just too high. LOL! #lazybone

Anyways yesterday Bro said something that could save lives. He remained me not to eat too much at night. LOL! This is very important! Apparently, I fart a lot at night and only at night. Hahahaha! The amount I fart is proportional to the amount I eat and my fart can/will kill. Smelly shit. LOL LOL! Poor family have to go through this everynight. Oops. So I'll try to control to spare the air pollution. :P

Ok, and I need to start being as thrifty as possible. I went to update my bank book the other day and found out that I spent close to $7000 in 2 months. :/ I know I know, what have I spent on?! Apparently it was an accumulation of little buys all around. Even my mum asked what big business am I doing. Ai-yo-yo~ 

Must stop online shopping seriously. :/  

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