Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Potato congee

Sigh.. had a little argument with mum earlier on the issue of maid. I'm always against the idea of having a maid at home. I feel it's not really necessary? I mean I'm young and healthy, I can keep my own house clean, why would I need someone to clear my mess? I feel guilty for that. 


I know mummy is heartache that I have to clean the house myself, I have to cook for the family. But I'm totally fine with it. You may find my logic weird, but I'm really think this is my home, I have the responsible to tidy my own house and not to leave it to someone else. Most importantly! My house is like empty in the day, no one is at home at all. So why a maid when there is hardly anyone home? 

Personally, I think maid is only necessary for families with old folks or young children to be taken care of. A family like mine really don't need a maid. 


Anyways, the father is still having a fever. :( Drove him to the doctor yesterday night and that triggered me that dad is really aging. 


Guess what’s for #dinner tonight? :D (Taken with Instagram)

Bought honey and purple potatoes for dinner.

Sweet potato congee for the sick daddy.  (Taken with Instagram)

To make a hearty sweet potato congee for the sick daddy. :)

#homemade #sgfood #singapore #food #dinner #chinese #asian  (Taken with Instagram)

Plus a stir-fried 'flowers' with minced meat. 

This is dinner! :)  (Taken with Instagram)

Simple and healthy dinner, hoping that daddy can get well soon! 

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