Monday, June 18, 2012

California Fitness

Paula, Juyin and I bought a California Fitness groupon sometime back and finally we are using it because I'm free from lab! :P

I didn't intend to drive at first, but the moment I carry my barangs down, shoe bag, clothes for Paula and my own bag, I was like holyshit, I'm not going to carry all these and squeeze in the MRT.  

Picked up Paula too and I finally know how near her house is to mine! Like just across the main road! So that's where Chomp chomp is. Yay! FOOD! 

Anyways, we went for zumba fitness. It was ok I guess. I always want to laugh when I'm doing the 'workout'! :PpP 
So after the session the person tries to sell us their membership, which I'm a no-no. Sorry I'm not interested to become a walking stick. :) 
Anyways, 3 more sessions to play with! :D

Next, we went NEX for lunch, since Paula needs to meet with supplier to get our Polaroid films. :D OMG! I was so glad the-finding-my-way-to-juyin's-place-disaster did not happen again. *phew* 

Healthy lunch!:)  (Taken with Instagram)

Subway, our healthy lunch! Can't waste the workout right? :P

More films.:X but these are really too pretty to miss!:D  (Taken with Instagram)

More Polaroid films! So cute right?! How not to buy? :D 

I promise this will be the last for the month of June! No more! :/ (Taken with Instagram)

I promise myself this is the last box of jollibean I'm having this month! 

Finally! My first time trying! I know, slowpoke! :P  (Taken with Instagram)

I'm freaking slowpoke, my first LAO BAN! 
Thanks Paula! :D 

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