Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Surprise gift

Yesterday daddy came home and gave me a very mischievous smile. 

Random gift by daddy becox he said he thought of me when he saw the set! Awww~  (Taken with Instagram)

A cute cup set. :D 

Daddy said he thought me of when he saw the mug. Awww~ 

Anyways, I think mummy is a bit jealous about it. LOL! Because daddy really rarely buys surprise present for anyone. I can clearly remember how many times my dad has personally bought me a present. Twice, yes just 2 times only! And the last time my dad bought me a gift was like when I was in primary 5/6? I know right! By the way, the previous gift that he bought me is also something cute, a cute kitty perfume which I still keep it dearly.  So, you see the chance of having daddy to pop us a surprise is equivalent to striking lottery.

Eh, come to think of it, I think daddy has never bought any gift for mummy or brother before. Oops. :P

Forever. :P (Taken with Instagram)

I know I just had pumpkin rice recently. But, you know it's an addiction.

The funny thing is I ate so many bowls of pumpkin rice the other night that I thought I'm finally gonna get sick of pumpkin. But when I was doing grocery shopping, the moment pumpkin came into my eyes, I knew the craving is back. 

#dinner #food #sgfood #asian  (Taken with Instagram)

Blink blink.


Anyways, have been super anti-social these days! Missed 4E1 BBQ over the weekends and K-ing with Sharon and people today. 

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