Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Supreme Auto Service Pte Ltd

I'm going to blog more about the car workshop which I sent my car, Supreme Auto Service. If you noticed I didn't mention the name of the workshop I visited in my previous post. Well, that's because I'm not certain about their service and things, so I don't want to give any comments too quick. But I have gotten back my car so I thought it's more appropriate for me to give my most honest review now :)

I don't know about other drivers out there, but I was very lost at which workshop should I send my car to. My dad is of no help at all, he's too busy. :( So dad only 'helped' by telling me to go to Sin Ming. Okay, so I did a lot of research online and oh boy! Sin Ming is basically flooded with endless number of car workshops! Which to choose?!  
I did ask my cousins/friends for recommendations too, but most of them couldn't tell me exactly which workshops they visited.

So I actually visited Sin Ming thrice before I finally settled down with Supreme Auto Service. I know right, I'm actually can be quite indecisive at times. :/ So wish there is someone to settle these for me! :( 
Anyways, cost is one of my considerations of course, but the most important factor for me is their service and how 'nice' are they when they serve me.

 Honestly, Supreme Auto Service did not offer me the best deal, I do have cheaper alternatives. But I still chose them in the end for their warm hospitality. The boss, Dylan, is actually a very nice and chatty young man. You can read more about how he 'educated' me with car knowledge and how to be a better driver in my previous post. :)

Anyways, I was actually supposed to get back my car yesterday. But when I reached the workshop, Dylan then realised my spray-work hasn't dry entirely. So it was kinda wasted trip for me. So he sent me back personally to my door-step! Which I think it's really super nice of him. He even drive back my car today for me so that I don't have to make another trip down. How thoughtful is that? 

Of course, most importantly is my car condition. I'm definitely satisfied! They even polished and clean both the exterior and interior of my car! Now it feels even newer than when I first have the car. 

176 Sin Ming Drive #02-01, 575721

Yups, so hopefully this post would be useful to drivers out there who are as lost as me in the beginning.

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