Friday, August 24, 2012

Life in lab

I really shouldn't be awake now, but sadly I am. Ever since school started, everyday is like a zombiefied day for me. Well, what can you expect for someone who has been waking up at 7am everyday and heading for bed after 1am. How do I even survive this? Anyhow, I'm feeling more like I'm working in a lab rather than being a student. Like I'll be always in the lab like 830am and heading home around 6pm. Isn't this like standard working hours? Oh, and I've been skipping classes too. :( Not that I wish, but I'm really too caught up with work. Like I don't even have time to go for a proper lunch. WHICH IS SO SO SO IMPORTANT! Okok, clam down Lirong. Le sigh.. 

YTF captured my heart because of it’s sauce. 😍  (Taken with Instagram)

The YTF for Kopitiam

Hi love, we meet again!!😍😘 (Taken with Instagram at Frontier Canteen)

From frontier.

Definitely adore the latter! Cheaper and bigger in portion. :P 

Today Cheryl, Qian Wen and I were jokingly saying that before CA or final exam we gonna mass freeze down our cells and only mass revive them after a good exam break. Ok, maybe it doesn't sound funny from the way I'm typing but we laughed like mad thinking about the idea. Oh btw, Cheryl has a pair of deadly hand, whatever cells she touched they will end up all getting contaminated. LOL! So she's badly traumatized now  since we just couldn't find her source of contamination. But we are evil like this, can't help making fun of her. :P Boy, you don't know how glad I am to be in my lab. I'm actually loving lab now because of them. :') 

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