Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cinderella has been promoted

Hello, I'm going instagram crazy. I can basically do nothing the whole day except ig-ing. T^T I thought twitter was bad enough for me, but hell no! IG is worse! I don't even bother about twitter now. This cannot go on, school is starting next week. Someone please get me out of the dark side! 
Le sigh.. 

So anyways, we have gotten a maid at home now. Oh wells, I was against the idea, since mum insisted, life moves on. Till now, I'm still quite satisfy with her. She's very diligent and most importantly has initiative which is good of course! :D I'm still trying to teach her and guide her around the house though. Oh ya! When we first picked her up, she asked where is our house and the size of it. So when I told her it's 5 storey including the basement. She was like..


I almost LOL!

She is managing well though. My helper can  hand-wash clothes, sweep mop floor, clean all the glass doors, clean the staircases, wash the toilets and tidy our rooms in half a day. HALF A DAY ONLY! My turn to.. 


Ok, the maybe the only flaw is she can't cook. But no issue, I'll train her well! 

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