Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Food-ful day

Repost.  (Taken with Instagram)

Woke up to an old school delight, rainbow donut! Nomnomnom!

Craving! :D  (Taken with Instagram)

A short lab for me before I have my lunch, tom yum maggie mee. Nomnomnom again. 

Can’t stop snacking on them now. 😂 #fatdieme (Taken with Instagram)

Apparently the maggie wasn't filling enough and I started digging for more food, popcorn in maple syrups. This is so good! Have to keep telling myself, no Lirong stop your itchy hands, you are going for sushi buffet later. Apparently it didn't work so I gave up and finished the whole tub. Le sigh.. Anyways, I highly recommend this! Can get them from any NTUC, there is caramel too! Both are noms! :D 

Yay! Heading out to meet the girls for dinner. <3  (Taken with Instagram)

Preparing to meet the girl for our sushi buffet date at Nihon Mura. Yes, I'm going back again. -.-

Nomnomnom!  (Taken with Instagram)

Instagram screwed up. -.-

For to repost because @instagram mess up my photo. :( #ocd  (Taken with Instagram)


Have to repost. :( #ocd (Taken with Instagram)

Then their sashimi went out-of-stock. Tough luck. :/

All mine! :D &lt;3 #mochi  (Taken with Instagram)

Hello, look at this mountain of mochi that I had all to myself, 21 of them by the way. ^^

Ate 7 plates = 21 mochi tonight. :P  (Taken with Instagram)My love and I 😘 (Taken with Instagram)

Me and my <3

Dinner is nv complete without some desserts 😄 #truestory  (Taken with Instagram)And our meal ended with some not so awesome cream puffs. :/  (Taken with Instagram)

Dinner is never complete without desserts. 


Good job to myself that I managed to practice self-control. Yes, 21 mochi is considered little. ^^

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