Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Singapore!

Singapore is my home and I love her really much, I'm patriotic to the max if you don't already know. :P

Anyhow, I celebrated the Nation's birthday by going all the way in pigging out.

Always starting the day with a hearty breakfast, the number one rule for me. :)

Start the day right with a good breakfast. ☀ happy birthday Singapore! ❤❤❤ (Taken with Instagram)

Butter croissants. 

Had to control myself from finishing all of them, because I know better food are coming their way. Had my breakfast with a bowl of oatmeal has become a daily affair. After the satisfying the stomach I got to go and pick up the brother, he booked out today because he had some block-leave or something. Yups, so anyways, picked him up like always then we got ourselves changed to leave for Villa Serenity, my cousins' place. 

We had a buffet lunch together. 
Braised mee! :D (Taken with Instagram)Braised duck. #lunch  (Taken with Instagram)

Braised Hokkien mee and braised duck 

扣肉包 anyone? 😁 #lunch  (Taken with Instagram)

Are you tempted for some? :D

#mushroom !!! <3  (Taken with Instagram)Cereal fish  (Taken with Instagram)

Stir fried kai-lan with mushroom, crispy cereal fish 

Stir fried pork!  (Taken with Instagram)

Stir-fried chicken 

Not in the picture: Deep-fried fish fillet and prawn salad.

Late lunch!:D buffet style!  (Taken with Instagram)

Had 3 plates only to save rooms for BBQ later. 

Just had a heavy lunch buffet and now we are preparing for BBQ for the night. Not that I’m complaining.. :P  (Taken with Instagram)

Yes, we had buffet and BBQ all in the same day! How crazy is that? :/

So we finished lunch like 3pm and we started the fire for BBQ at 4pm. #fatdieus

Today is totally food marathon! :D  (Taken with Instagram)

But I love BBQ-ing~

Just can’t get enough of them. 😂 (Taken with Instagram)

Get what I mean? I totally spammed satay and taiwan sausages tonight. I bet I'm the only one that really ate non-stop throughout, to the point that I swear I'm 200% full and never felt so full! I think I have already lost the sense of fullness. I don't when my stomach is full. Le sigh.. Can someone teach me how to not eat so much? :( And nobody will bother to stop me from eating because they feel I ought to be eating since I'm so skinny. 

Like a boss.  (Taken with Instagram)

Baby Carson, 8 months old! :)

Jayan being naughty here! Aiyo! Cute pies! 😊😊😊 (Taken with Instagram)

Jayan, 19 months old and Xuan, 6 yrs old

This is really #likeaboss  (Taken with Instagram)

En, 4 years old

We still have a baby girl who is only 7 days old!!! Didn't snap a photo of her though. :P

Awww~ the family is growing! :)

Had a great day with the big family as usual. We had a mini-Olympics by playing Kinect! :P I'm a record holder for bowling and 100m race ok! Don't pray pray! :P Ok, but I admit I almost died after each game. #oldbones 

Ok, bye.

 Singapore I love you! <3 

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