Monday, August 6, 2012


It probably isn't any new that I love cooking and I cooked almost every dinners for my family, no matter how busy or tried I am. :) But I didn't start cooking for the family until 2 year ago when I suddenly fell in love with being in the kitchen. Before that I hardly cook except during special occasions like birthdays. I knew I could cook, I was just lazy and didn't feel the need too since the mother was doing the job then. 

Just last month Daniel of danielfooddiary organised an event called #Cookforfamily I thought it was really meaning and so I joined too since I'm cooking like every night. :) 

I think we really have to admit that it's really hard to have the whole family sitting together to have a proper meal every night, that did not happen in my family either. Usually I'll prepare the dinner and finishes my portion before the folks return from work. So Sunday is probably the only chance when we could sit down together for dinner and I really cherish this a lot. (So please don't organise outings on Sundays, friends. :P)

So back to the topic of cooking, what do I usually prepare for dinner for the family? If you follow my blog you probably often see pumpkin rice and braised noodles. Yes these two are my favourites! :P But of course I can't be cooking them every night! I wouldn't mind of course. :P Haha! So usually dinner I'll make a soup, like a really hugeass pot of soup with vege, lean meat, tofu, and other random items like fish tofu, fried ngoh hiang. Basically the soup will contain a balance of nutrition for the family, that's what I'm aiming to achieve; healthy living! :) Ok, so besides a soup I prepare 2 other dishes. 

I Have my greens did you? 😊 #homemade #cookforfamily (Taken with Instagram)

One of it will definitely be vegetable. 

My type of food! :D #homemade  (Taken with Instagram)

The other dish is usually another meat item, spicy dory fish fillet in this case.

Having claypot tonight! :D #homemade #cookforfamily  (Taken with Instagram)

Claypot chicken and potatoes.

Sometimes I'll be lazy to just make a simply omelette. :P Tofu is also one of my favourite ingredients especially for making mapo tofu! :)  

3rd night into this golden delight! #friedriceftw #cookforfamily  (Taken with Instagram)

Ok, so for this #CookforFamily event I especially cooked a whole week of fried rice. 

No doubt fried rice is the family’s favourite! :D #cookforfamily  (Taken with Instagram)

Rice is a staple food for us Asian, which my family adores. 

Fried rice with battered prawns for the folks while I enjoy my… Congee. T^T #sucktobesick  (Taken with Instagram)

Especially fried rice, which brings extra fragrant to the normal white rice. 

A different style but, it’s still fried rice. 😍 #homemade #cookforfamily (Taken with Instagram)

See, it isn't difficult to cook at all right? From my memories, I don't remember anyone teaching me how to cook. It's all through observations of how my parents cooked for us when I was young. Confession, I felt especially heart-warming whenever I sees my parents finishing the food that I prepared. This feeling is hard to write in words, perhaps when you try to cook for your family you will understand that too? Trust me, that feeling is supreme and invaluable. :)

So why not choose a date and #Cookforfamily to experience that for yourself? :)

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