Sunday, August 5, 2012

Eat non-stop

Today I witnessed a really bad accident with my mom and brother. We were out for grocery shopping and were chatting happily while waiting for our traffic light, when all of a sudden a super loud collision that totally grabbed our attention. 2 cars collided at the traffic junction. One was probably doing a U-turn while the other was going straight. We have no idea who was at fault since we didn't exactly witnessed the whole event. But boy, the car which was doing the U-turn has her car totally whacked. 

If this looked bad to you, that car was worse than this. My goodness right? It was a female driver too and she totally stunned. She couldn't get out of her car until some kind souls went up to help her out. I could see that she was totally shocked! Her face was blanked. But I can understand too, my god I wouldn't know how to react in that situation too. :/ Mom and I were so glad that she was fine because the impact was so close to the driver seat! Phew! 
Note to self: Safety first. 

Dessert time with mummy!:) pulot hitam for me! :D  (Taken with Instagram)

Afternoon snack, Pulut Hitam without coconut milk ( I can't take coconut milk)

I absolutely love this dessert. :') Anyways, the my physician also said this sweety is good for me so more reasons for me to endure. :D

Mummy’s red bean soup is totally overly sweetened! 😨 (Taken with Instagram)

Red bean Soup

This is totally diabetic-inducing! So sweet! My god! /faints. 

Zheng Ge Ping likes my photo leh! Lol!  (Taken with Instagram)

Zheng Ge Ping liked my photo on Instagram. :O 

Woohoo! Steamboat dinner with the family! :D #homemade  (Taken with Instagram)

Dinner tonight, homemade steamboat. :)

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Pork belly <3

All my fav! 😱☺ (Taken with Instagram)

I have a weird family that doesn't like cheese, so I can the whole packet of cheese tofu to myself. Nomnomnom! 

I did make a point by not drinking the soup base (too salty for my body) and to try to eat lesser (well, I did eat a bit lesser).  So hopefully tml I don't swell up again. T^T

Ok, I need to do my research on FYP now, gonna meet my Prof tml morning and I hasn't done anything. #diehard. Oh and tml is round 2A! Pray for me thank you! <3 

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