Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Eggciting~ 🍳🍳🍳 (Taken with Instagram)

Seriously I'm crazily into all-day-breakfast these days. Have never love eggs so so much. 

The company. <3  (Taken with Instagram)

MEetup with Cassy and Ginny for dinner after a long day in lab, thus my lab attire. This probably is also my last time seeing Cassy since she is flying to Beijing soon. Of course same goes to Chee How! Best to all of you! :) 

Love all-day-breakfast. :D  (Taken with Instagram)


The signature, Sir Benedict.  (Taken with Instagram)

Their signature, Sir Benedict.

Smoked royale.  (Taken with Instagram)

Smoked Royale.

Happy girl to be holding food after a shagged day. :') 
(Shall leave the grumble to a later day) 

Seriously the yolk wasn’t really oozing. My friend even had her yolk cooked. 😞 (Taken with Instagram)

The yolk wasn't exactly running, Ginny's one was even cooked! -.- The only consolation probably would be their mashed potato which I did like. :)  

Verdict: Over-rated. Probably won't be revisiting any sooner but this definitely spur me to discover better all-day-breakfast places in Singapore! Next stop Dean & Deluca! :D 

Cass. :D

Ginny. :D

Taken by Zhi Zhong! I caught him and his 'date' at Hatched too. So I made him take A LOT of Polaroids and photos for us. :P

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