Friday, August 17, 2012


So today marks the end of week 1 of this sem and I have never had such a tired week before, not to mention it's only week 1. :'(  FYP is a monster, seriously. I'm starting to feel impressive of all the honour graduates. Like how the heck they juggle between studies and lab?! For the whole of this week basically I'm in the lab almost the whole day. I skipped lesson  (webcasted) and have been having super late lunches at 3pm, which totally killed me. I'm totally the kind that cannot skip meal, I'll get so freaking pissed and irritated easily. :/ Le sigh.. Anways, I'm so busy this week because I was juggling between western blot of MTT (alien?) at the same time, my Prof is too 'kind' to me right? Oh wells, Hopefully I wont be so busy next week. Oh, and next Monday which is a public holiday, I have to get back to lab. Because my cells need me to feed them 'food'. Sigh, so I thought since I'm going back I'll just run another western and MTT. #nolife 

Ok, so that were the bad parts of the week. But definitely there were good ones too! Otherwise my life is too sad. LOL! I think I tweeted a bit about my love for my mentor. LOL! Yes, I so love him can! He's like a superman please! I definitely can't do without him! He's like so patient and kind. Like if I ask him something stupid  or ask him the same thing over and over again, he will always patiently answer all my queries and help in whatever ways  he can, when he himself is so freaking busy too! Btw he is a phD student. Seriously my mentor must be a superman in disguise. Oh and I love all the people in my lab! They are all super friendly and of course all the other Honour/UROP students Cheryl, Qian Wen, Adeline and Saksee! :D :D :D We are always complaing and comparing our projects to see who has the 'easiest'. Haiyo, when girls get together, it's always full of complains and gossips. :P 

Half an hr for my major love. 我愿意!☺☺☺ (Taken with Instagram)

YTF is my lunch almost everyday. I know right. 

Yups, so overall, I'm still enjoying my FYP. :D 

Taught the helper sweet potato congee tonight! :D  (Taken with Instagram at 💓home sweet home💓)

Have been teaching the helper how to cook these days. 

Third bowl of the night. I’m a serious sucker for starch. 😌 (Taken with Instagram)

Tonight lesson: Sweet potato congee. 
Seriously I'm a bigass sucker for starch. Btw I definitely don't believe that eating too much carbohydrates will make one fat. I'm the best example, I eat tons of carbo and I'm you know, definitely not fat. 

  No where better than home! 💆 (Taken with Instagram at 💓home sweet home💓)

Onion stir-fried with minced meat.

Anything fried is good. #universalfact (Taken with Instagram at 💓home sweet home💓)

Deep-fried fish.

HOW TO RESISIT THIS?! 😂 #fatdieme  (Taken with Instagram at 💓home sweet home💓)

The highlight of tonight's dinner, vinegar trotter. 


Taken with Instagram

Also taught her this dish the other day, pumpkin stir fried with pork belly. 

We are rabbits tonight. :D  (Taken with Instagram)

Stir-fried cabbage, carrot and oyster mushroom. 

She is learning well. *thumbs up* 

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