Friday, September 7, 2012

Adeline's 21st

Poor girl has to come to lab ON HER 21ST. #nolife. 

Anyways, we actually planned to surprise her with the birthday cake. BUT IT WAS AN EPIC FAILED ATTEMPT! 

So Qian Wen and I rushed down to get a cake for her when she went to meet the Prof. Our plan was to camp outside the Prof's office and surprise her with the cake when she comes out. 
Our timing was damn shitty! We got delayed because the guy at Delifrance is a turtle seriously! :( So anyhow, when we got back with the cake, Qian Wen has to rush to do her drug treatment while I need to rush for my MTT time point (plan screwed because of that delifrance guy), so we told Li Feng to keep the cake at his table for us first. But he was like ADELINE IS WALKING OUT! So we were like SHIT. In the end Adeline actually saw us carrying the cake at the lobby not knowing what to do next. 
Well, since the surprise failed we just give the cake to Adeline and let her bring to the pantry while QW and I rushed to do whatever we need to. 

The girls trying to strip the poor cake. D:

'I wish that my cells grow happily ever after' 

Mid day break! This tiramisu is actualy not bad! The taste of cream cheese and coffee still lingering in my mouth! ☺☺☺ (Taken with Instagram at Delifrance NUH)

The tiramisu is actually not bad! How can cream cheese be bad anyways? 

Thank god for them being in the same lab as me. 

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