Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Makansutra Gluttons' Bay

By the time we left Garden by the Bay it was like dinner time, means time to feed again! 
Confession: I'm such a food person that I countdown to every of my meals! Like I'll be damn upset after I finished my dinner because it means my next proper meal would be breakfast and it's still so far away! LOL! I know right! Stop rolling eyes at me! Haha! 

So we made our way to Makansutra Gluttons' Bay since it was round the corner. Such a wrong move! Because the crowd was insane! Kinda expected since it was dinner time on a weekend at a tourists' hotspot. -.- 

But lucky us, a nice group of guys gave their seats to us after seeing us standing for quite a bit of time. We can't help but go 'awwww~ so nice!' But the drama thing was before we managed to sit down, there was this auntie who 'chionged' to the seat in split seconds and insisted that she was first. WTH right?! But the nice guys actually helped us to 'chase' away that auntie. 'awww~' again. LOL! 

Seafood fried rice.  (Taken with Instagram at Makansutra Gluttons Bay)

Seafood fried rice

We actually wanted pineapple fried rice, but it was all sold out. :( I find the seafood fried rice just normal slightly too oily for my liking too. Pineapple rice would be good. :(

Sambal kangkong was good!:)  (Taken with Instagram at Makansutra Gluttons Bay)

Sambal kangkong

Yes this was good! One of the better kangkong dish that I have tried. 

I’m just eating the egg tofu. :P  (Taken with Instagram at Makansutra Gluttons Bay)

Seafood tofu.

Not very impressive, basically I was just eating the egg tofu. :P I'm such a tofu person! Haha! 

Deep fried calamari. Please order! I really like it and almost all the tables have a plate of this. 👍 (Taken with Instagram at Makansutra Gluttons Bay)

Deep fried calamari.

We knew we had to order this dish because literally each of the tables have this! And yes they were so good! Fried to perfection! :)

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Good o' satay.

Leaving the best for the last! 👍👍👍 (Taken with Instagram at Makansutra Gluttons Bay)

Best of the night definitely was the wings. So juicy!

 Makansutra Gluttons Bay
8 Raffles Avenue #01-15 Singapore 039802
Mon – Thurs : 5pm – 2am
Fri & Sat : 5pm – 3am
                                                                      Sun : 4pm – 1am 


  1. sounds like a fun night and food looks incredible...made me hungry! :)

  2. Thanks dear! Yes it was indeed a crazy night!:)