Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happening lab

Finally a successful birthday surprise!

We actually pretended that we have forgotten that today is her birthday and I was so guilty for that! Like I know it's her birthday and I feel so bad that no one is wishing her. :( She must have felt so sad!! We left her to eat lunch alone too. But this can't be blamed because we had to go for lecture. So anyways, we only surprised her with the cake towards the end of the day. Haha! Li Feng fooled her that the Prof wanted to meet her (same old trick) and she fell for it! So we hide outside the Prof's office and sang her a birthday song! awww~ But thank god the Prof didn't walk out to see who are the rascals making so much noise! hahaha! 

Happy birthday Sakshi love, my western blot buddy! 

Can't express enough appreciation and love for her because she really helped and is still helping me A LOT in lab! 

Super rich dark chocolate cake!! I&#8217;m in love! 😍 (Taken with Instagram at Delifrance NUH)

The super awesome rich and moist dark chocolate cake from Delifrance! Seriously delicious to the max!


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