Monday, September 3, 2012

Gardens by the Bay

After a satisfying lunch at Ma Masion, we made our way to Gardens by the Bay. :Lucky us the weather was good because we were so worried that it might rain given the wet weather recently.  

Finally seeing you in actual and not on IG!

We were planning of going for the OCBS Skywalk ($5) and Flower dome + Cloud forest ($20), but in the end we went for the latter only because the weather was just too hot for any outdoor activities. I know we are too use to our  freezing lab temperature. 

The flower dome

A collection of different plants and flowers all in one dome. 

Flowers everywhere. 

Showed my dad this and told him to plant something like this on our walls. So nice right? Right! 

Seriously, we were quite bored after a while. It was just flowers and more flowers. :/


This reminded me of how I drew my cactus during my primary school artwork. Haha! 

Basically the place was filled with so many amateur photographer doing really close up shots of the plantations! While I was just snapping through my iphone4S. :P 

Ok, seriously the flower dome was boring. :/ The only fun part was us Biomedical students trying to recall our very limited biodiversity knowledge. Prof NNK probably vomit blood if she hears our conversations. Haha! 

Move on to Cloud Forest which was so much more exciting!

Am I really in Singapore?! So beautiful isn't it?

The whole place is very freaking cold! The temperature resembles Genting, so it's good to have a cardigan in bag. :) 

I took this photo because everyone else took one. lol. 

The height I was standing. Poor Cheryl was afraid of height so she basically hurried her way through to get off. Haha! 

One of my favourite shot. 

Another view MBS

The beauty

I heard from Li Feng and the rest that the Government spent over billion of dollars to construct Gardens by the Bay??? Wow! 

Secret Garden. 
But I don't find Hyun Bin inside. D:

Love the sky colour!

So pretty~

Aiyo, the sky is really such a beauty! 

Helix bridge. Which automatically brings us to more Science jokes. :P

Gardens by the Bay is really so pretty! Hopefully I'll come back to visit the Skywalk, probably at night though, vampire Lirong can't be seen under the Sun. LOL!