Monday, October 15, 2012

Another chapter

Sometimes, just sometimes, I feel like I'm a mother hen to my only-a-few-months-younger-brother. Oh wells, dear elder sister out there don't you feel the same way too? Or it's just me? I'm like always constantly worrying for me and always checking on his back to make sure that he has everything on hand. Oh yes, and sometimes I totally just spoon feed him everything. Although I always tell him 'you 21 now. Don't expect me to help you to do everything ok?' Then again, I'll try settle his shits for him again. Woes of an elder sister is it? 

Anyhows, I've just sent the brother to his new posting, SCS, specialist cadet school, which was all the way in the West. Totally not fun to drive there considering the morning traffic jam. The brother was really nervous I guess with his new posting. Haha. There's excitement of course, but there's always this anxiety also when you are about to enter a new environment. I could relate that. It's really a bliss that I could take part in his army days one way or another. To see how this boy mold and shape to become a better man. :') Sorry the mother hen in me is coming out again! :P 

Tonight’s dinner. :)  (Taken with Instagram at 💓home sweet home💓)

Dinner last night was a steamboat feast. Just so to 'celebrate' the brother's posting to SCS. 

Teppanyaki > hotpot. 😝 (Taken with Instagram at 💓home sweet home💓)

I know, my family is probably one of the most hardcore steamboat-eater out there! We have it almost every weekend! 

Good morning! Woke up at 6am today because I’m sending my army bro to SCS since I couldn’t bare seeing him carrying his 2 huge bags. :/ Do I get best sister award for this? 😁😝 (Taken with Instagram at 💓home sweet home💓)

Came back not long ago and I'm just about to leave the house for Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. Yes, I'm visiting the specialist today for my water retention. Oh wells, everyone gets a shock when I tell them I'm having water retention. Lol! Blessed that I was too skinny before, thus it isn't easy to tell. 
Ok, I'm update again next time. Bye! <3 

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