Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I love shopping! Like any other girls. But blame on FYP and stuff, I have been so deprived from physically shopping in a shopping mall seriously. The only mall that I goes now is NEX, just so it's locate on my way home. But. Seriously NEX can't satisfy a shopaholic like me. :/ So, I'm a super hardcore online shopper! I visit all my bookmarked blogshops like everyday and almost everyday I get a parcel developed to my house. I'm such a badass I know. Even my mum who doesn't really care about my spending starts to lecture on my overly-obsession with online shopping. Oops. 

Current favourite pair of heels from Jipaban.

It was love at first slight and they have my size with my favourite colour! *click checkout* 

Delivery from Jipaban is always very prone and my items are always nicely wrapped. Like in this case, it came nicely wrapped in a pretty shoe box. That;s why Jipaban is one of my frequent online shopping paradise too. :D 

Anyhow, I still prefer to shop physically!!! T.T

Random grocery shopping earlier and I just have that craving to have them. So good! Tips from IGers, store them in the fridge for an hour and a chilling choco pie awaits! ;) 

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