Thursday, October 11, 2012

Good good day

Today is a fantastic day because, 

1. It's 10.11.12

2. I had a short day in lab.

3. Picture says all.

1000 followers on Instagram!!! My goodness! Thank you to all my lovely followers. Love you all! <3

4. I got Iphone5.

I'm trying to be calm as I'm typing this. But I can't! BECAUSE IPHONE5 IS SOOOO PRETTY!!! Silly me thought that I can buy the phone only at the end of the year but lucky for me I went to check and realised I could have long re-contracted last month! Haha! Anyways, the photo above is taken with my new i5! So pretty~ I'm such a iphone fan right? I have got all the iphones except iphone3GS. Haha! Ok, I'm planning to get ipad mini when it's out too. :X 

My fav place for some quick bites☺ (Taken with Instagram at Frontier Canteen)

Ending with a food picture of my favourite corner in Science canteen. :D 

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