Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Buffet Town revisit

So after we got home, we went out again. LOL! For our post-POP feast. Oh well, it was suggested by the brother not me! I don't understand how on earth would he still be fit enough for buffet when he didn't get any proper rest at all? And I'm damn right. Read on to find out for yourself. :) 

PS: all photos taken by my iphone4s.

I'm only glad I made a reservation beforehand because there were super long queues outside, which I'm totally not expecting. Singaporean simply loves buffet don't we? 

Seafood is properly what most people likes or most 'worth it' when come to buffet. But seriously, I'm a no seafood person. 

Clayfish and shellfish

Oysters, prawns and scallops. The plates and I'm done with seafood. :P

Nothing 'wow' about the sushi bar too. 

Except sashimi of course. I kill fishes. :P

The appetizers. 
The last dish at the far back is actually abalone which cleared really fast. When I went back for more it's all wipe out. LOL. 

Tempura was okay.Fried food right can't go wrong as it always is. 

3 different favours of pizza which I can't remember what are they. They were pretty good surprisingly. I guess I'm only lucky that they were fresh out from the oven. :) 

There were fries, dory fish and really nice deep fried chicken wings at the western bar too and they run out pretty quick too. :)

Can't say no to satay. <3

Ok, bad photo. Anyways, these are chinese food. The fried rice and carrot cake were damn good! MUST TRY!

They were having Nonya special for the month. 

and I died here because Lirong is damn weak for kuehs especially kueh lapis. I think I swallowed down at least one whole row of lapis alone. :D :D :D

Ok, I realised I didn't take a lot of food this time round. Simply because buffet food are not very instagram-appealing (not very pretty) so I didn't bother taking much. Haha!

When we go Kiseki or Buffet town you cannot, I repeat, you cannot miss their desserts! 

Especially their waffles! It's damn shiok. I don't care the chillness will kill me or what, I just need to have them with the crepes or waffles. 

Sweet tooth <3

Love their Japanese cheesecake the most! Melt in the mouth moment. /floating in the air.

Not enough for me. :P

So you know what, it was the brother who suggested on coming to buffet but after eating like maybe a few plates, he said he's too sleepy to eat! LOL! I JUST KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN! Oh, and the brother told me ever since he trained some abs on him stomach, he realised his appetite started to get smaller. Is this true? If so I think I need to get some abs on my tummy too. :/ 

Oh wells, so it became I eat while he drinks coffee. lol! Seriously he looked like a drug addict for that moment. Oops. :X Ok, so the very kind-hearted sister decided to eat lesser, relatively, and brought the brother home so that he can concuss. One word for him 'serve him right!' Knew he won't be able to eat. /roll eyes. 

 Anyways, there are still so many un-photoed food which you properly have to make a trip them on your own to experience. ^^ click  here for my review on my previous visit to buffet town. 

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