Saturday, October 6, 2012

POP, The float@Marina Bay

Finally the day has come, brother's gradating from BMTS! 

POP takes place at the beautiful THE FLOAT@MARINA BAY

But seriously, I guess none of the soldiers would be interested in admiring the beautiful scenery.  Perhaps deep down they might even by cursing. Oh wells, because they had to march all the way from Changi to Marina Bay! Yes, if that doesn't sound crazy it's actually more than 24km and if you don't how long is that, they took about 8 hours to reach the place. :) Yes, the guys marched from 7pm-4am the next day with their army bag which i think probably is heavier than I am! 

Oh, and that wasn't the end, they have to endure this 2 hours long parade. /salute. 

My papa! <3 This is how a man should be like. 

Mandatory shot


Then the sky started to get darker. D:

This is them marching in! 

Then my tear duct started to be filled with tears. Too patriotic. LOL.

The brother is somewhere inside here!!

Marching pass. 

Here they are coming back in without their weapons and helmet. Goodness clouds!!!

Them saying their soldier's pledge with PRIDE! '..WITH OUR LIVE' I died again. /tears. 

Graduate lo~ /throw cap

Then Oppa Gangnam style started playing in the background. LIKE A COOL! Anyways, the brother told me gangnam style is very popular in tekong. Oh wells, it's basically popular around the World! 

So heart-warming! The causally dressed guy in the air is actually their ord-ed sergeant. 


The brother told me so much about his 24 km walk on the way home. Seriously I cannot be more proud of him. Though he smelled really hmmm bad,I still gave him a very big sister hug! LOL! Quote his word 'the whole journey was mind-f***ing' Ok, I'm going to tear again. Le sigh.. why my tear ducts are so weak towards soldiers? :/ haha!

Stay tune to my next food post on my re-visit to buffet town.

Okay. See you again!

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