Monday, November 5, 2012

Family of gluttons

Are you jelly of my lunch? *winks*

Pizza Hut delivery,

and KFC. Best of the two Worlds. 

I can't say no to egg tarts. Decided to have only one because I need to share with the rest right? Ended up having 4 because there were leftovers. *human dustbin in action*

Care for a bite? :P

My all-time-favourite, Hawaiian! 

The supreme version of Hawaiian pizza, with cheese in the crust! 

Is 4 pizza, 4 egg tarts, 1 whole roll of garlic bread, 2 mashed potatoes, 2 chickens too much for a girl's appetite? Hmmm... 


I love this sight so much. So glad that Ah Ma is by our side again. 

Look at my cutie boy! Awwww~ 

So dinner was 3 hours after our awesome lunch. 

I'm kinda eating steamboat every weekend. Not complaining. :D 


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