Friday, November 2, 2012

Review: Vienna International Seafood Teppanyaki Restaurant

Mummy's birthday treat. 

Our third visit to this buffet by the way! :) Almost couldn't get a table because I reserved only a day before. So point to note: you have to book in advance!

Buddha jump over wall. Have you ever wonder why the name? I have no idea too. Basically it's a very luxury soup with items like abalone, sea cucumber and scallops.  

Yes, it's a seafood buffet and they are famous for it. 

I love their sashimi! So fresh!

Seriously HUGE scallops!

Now you get what I meant? ^^

More food spam. Love the tiny plate of abalone! 

Black pepper crabs, clayfish and abalone again. :P

I eat everything. Seriously.

Other than seafood, please get yourself this deep fried durian balls! It was so GOOD!

I recommend the deep fried sweet potato too!

I lost count of the number of this goodies that I have. :')

More scallops and abalones for me. :P

I tried like all the food there. :P

Grilled salmon with mustard sauce was noms!

The cold dishes. Sorry I'm jumping all around with the photos! :P

Another item that you just can't miss! 

Bird nest egg tarts!!! 

Yes I ate a lot of durian balls, egg tarts and the sweet potato roll. :P

The grilled meat, there's chicken, lamb and beef. :)

Super fresh oysters that ran out super fast!

Another of my fave, crispy pastry soup. 

Calories bomb it is. But so good! 

Desserts were quite mehs actually. :(

Not as good as my previous visit.

Oh wells, at least we were happy with the seafood and durian balls and egg tarts and sweet potato! haha!

Mehs looking too. -.- 

I have to threaten my brother just to have a photo of him 'I'll not drive you if you don't take photo!' Seriously. Basically I have been threatening him with driving. MUHAHAHAHA! #evilsister


Mummy <3

I just have to snap a shot with these dears. <3

Anyways, everything came out to be $170 for the four of us. I thought it was pretty cheap considering the good amount of seafood and the amount of food we ate. They probably were at a loss. hahahaha! Definitely will be back for a fourth visit. :) 

Operating Hours & Prices
Lunch (11.30am to 3.00pm)
Mon - FriS$33.80++ (Adult)
S$18.80++ (Child)
Sat, Sun & Public HolidaysS$35.80++ (Adult)
S$19.80++ (Child)
Dinner (5.30pm to 10.00pm)
Mon - ThuS$40.80++ (Adult)
S$20.80++ (Child)
Fri, Sat, Sun & Public HolidaysS$42.80++ (Adult)
S$21.80++ (Child)
101 Thomson Road #B1-01 United Square Singapore 307591   
Tel: (65) 6254 6686 / 6253 1696 

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