Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lab's Xmas Celebration: Domino's Pizza

So my FYP lab had a mini Xmas celebration together at lunch. 

Of course there's gift exchange! I think I have gotten the best present? Hahaha! Thanks to Qian Wen and thanks to my lucky fingers! 

Now the food! 

3 huge pizzas and 4 smaller ones with onion rings and chicken drumlets! Noms! 

The Big BBQ Pizza



Hawaiian can't go wrong with me!! In fact I'm not a picky person, that's why I'm a dustbin. Lol! 

Of course there's log cake! 

Homemade gingerbread. 

Qian Wen

Snail Cheryl. 

Lab life is coming to an end really soon and I'm really thankful to be in Dr Sethi's lab. Can't thank Li Feng enough and all my crazy ladies in the lab. 
<3 <3 <3 

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