Wednesday, March 27, 2013

FYP Poster Presentation

Yesterday was like one of the biggest day for all Year LS major because we had our FYP poster presentation. It was a nerve-breaking day for sure. 

First time in a full formal wear to school. Can't help it since we wear labcoat more than anything. :P

Presenting to you 'Targeted inhibition of Signal transducer and activator of transcription-3 factor pathway for the treatment of metastatic renal cell carcinoma' 

The story of my days of waking up at 6am, reaching lab before 8am, running endless amount of western blots, doing countless of cell culture and whining for the Nth times why am I doing FYP. Nonetheless, everything seem to be nothing at the end of the day when I see MY results, MY project being hung up. Every bits of hardwork was so worth it. :') 

The girls. 
I can't imagine how I'm going to survive lab without either of them or Sakshi and Adeline. 

Of course my mentor too. No words can express my gratitude towards this guy! Seriously, he is too kind to be true. 

Anyways, the event was held at MPSH1 from 130pm to 430pm. The monkey me was so excited when I reached the place (seriously I wasn't much of nervous, maybe a little) so I went round taking photos and talking to friends (literally a small reunion amongst the pharmacology department!) Then I saw my examiner walking towards my poster (it was before 1.30pm so technically the presentation wasn't suppose to start) while I'm posing to take photos with friends! So I basically 'sprint' back to my station with my phone still in camera mode and started my presentation. Imagine that transition. My friends were all laughing at me please. Who would expect my examiner to come so early right? But it's a good thing though, it's a wrap for me before 2pm! :) 

My presentation took about 30mins and thank god my examiner (so handsome) was quite good. He didn't really nail me with very difficult questions since the questions he asked I was more or less prepared for them. So after 2pm I was basically flying around again because my second examiner couldn't make it and I have to present on a separate day. Oh wells.. 

Some photos taken yesterday. 

So overall I'm really lucky to have a good first examiner because some examiners seriously went all the way to grill and fry the students. However, I still have one more examiner to deal with and he is an expert in the field of cancer which translate, I can't smoke him. LOL! 

Alright, thesis to go! 
FIGHTING to all the honour students! <3 

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