Friday, March 29, 2013

Ah boy turns man

Last weekend the family was invited to attend the brother's Specialist Graduation Ceremony at Specialist Cadet School, Pasir Laba Camp.  

Still a private. 

Daddy putting on the rank for the brother.

Tadah! Say hi to 3rd Sgt Sun. :)

Really love this picture of the brother and I because it's super rare that both of us look good in it, not to say that the brother don't even bother to take photos with me. >:(

Hello boy boy (still gonna call you this) Jie Jie really is super proud of you! I wouldn't believe if someone tells me a year ago that my brother gonna make it so far in army as a sergeant. I'm be like come on, my pig brother? Sergeant? You got to be joking! He can't even do pull up, he can't even beat me in running! But look! That's my brother, all grown up, protecting the country and is a sergeant:

Don't worry Jie Jie will continue to look down on you so that you can continue to prove me wrong! LOL! Just joking! :P 

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