Sunday, April 7, 2013

Review: 881 (XO) Fish Head Bee Hoon and Whampoa Drive Market & Food Centre

Met up yet again for dinner with some of the IG foodies, David, Beixin, Charlene and Feline. Seriously, they are really some hardcore foodies!! Like some walking food directory. *salute* 
Anyways, this time round Feline brought us to explore Balestier, a place which I'm so unfamiliar with. :X 

We had Tze Char first at this place call '881 XO Fish Head Bee Hoon', which apparently is one of the more famous tze char eatery in the area. Despite the name, we did not have any fish head bee hoon. 

Oh ya, everyone should totally see how we were 'doing our job' so well. Yes we stood and took photos for so long that people were staring at us. HAHA! 

Green chilli is my <3.

Foreground is the 'san lao hor fun', which is their signature. Honestly when it came I was thinking since when we ordered tauge? 
The hor fun was actually buried by the tauge and fish slices. Not exactly a photogenic dish but hey don't judge ok! It was really good. 

Background is healthy green of course. 

Prawn paste chicken, another signature dish which was Feline's recommendation too. Indeed juicy and crispy. 

Hotplate tofu! 
A must order for me when I have my tze char. I guess it's popular among the others too? Do you always order this as well?

Yam ring, the reason why we opted tze char for dinner.

Of course 5 dishes can't fill our stomachs. Seriously I could polish them all by myself. Yeah, not even joking. So we walked over to Whampoa Drive Makert & Food Centre for their famous dessert store. Led by Feline again, our tour guide. 

Orh nee (so small!), Chendol (x2), Durian Ice Kachang, Cheng Tng and Ice Jelly. 

Again, you should witness us with our photo spamming. Just imagine how the ice shrinked till it disappeared. That was how long we took. Hahahahaha!!! 

Favourite was durian ice kachange definitely!! SO GOOD!! My vote would have gone to orh nee if the serving wasn't so small. :( 
But I must say that the lady was really generous with the rest of the ingredients, I have not eaten so many jellies, red beans and etc in a bowl of dessert alone! 



  1. Bah, salivated when I saw on your IG and now again leh! haha. "Gluttons", yet all so slim? Howwww?

    1. HAHAHAHA!!! Thanks dear! 😁😁 we are abusing our metabolism now!😂😂