Friday, May 31, 2013

Korea Trip 2013: Day 1

This Korea trip is also my graduation trip together with Qiu Lin,  Kai Kee, Juyin and Paula.

We took a midnight flight which explains why all of us are in glasses. 

Landed in Hong Kong first before a 4 hours wait for our next flight to Seoul. 

After which we took a bus (6015) from Incheon Airport to our Guesthouse, Namsan Guesthouse 3, which is very well located in Myeongdong aka shopping paradise. The ride was about an hour, which we slept through.

Our tiny room.

Tiny toilet.

Namsan Guesthouse is actually quite popular among the tourists (relatively cheap for accommodation, we may check out their website), even though the room is like much smaller as compared to our guesthouses. I guess it has an advantage of having a lift. Yes some guesthouses do not have lifts, so imagine carrying your huge luggage up the stairs.

Surprisingly they have a really spacious pantry where you can chill and have your meals (they provide free cup noodles and bread with spreads). There's also a rooftop garden which we didn't have the chance to explore. Anyway, washing machines are also available for those who needs to wash their clothing. Oh, and the staffs speak fluent English and some even know Mandarin as well.

By the time we settled down and everything, it was time for dinner. I think we were quite unlucky that the weather was super cold when we arrived (my friends told me it was HOT) and it was also raining. So we were like super undressed! Seriously cold die us.

Dinner was at Yoogane, located in Myeongdong, which was walk-able distant from our guesthouse.

We ordered their chicken galbi. Well almost every tables were having this.

All excited to dig in! But nope you can't.

You have to wait for me to cook it first. :P

Ready to serve!

Tempting not?

Anyways, I was just joking about the cooking part, you don't have to cook it literally. The staff will come over and cook or rather, stir the food for you. :)

After you are done with the galbi, it is highly recommended that you order an additional rice and stir fried it over the leftover rice (done by the staff). I'm always seeing this on my instagram and finally I get to try it! So yummy I'm telling you!

I especially love the burnt rice. :D

However, beware that you gonna smell after the meal. :P

After dinner we went for a quick walk around Myeongdong before heading back for an early night (1am is early right? :P). So this is all for Day 1! Meanwhile you may want to hop over to Paula's blog, she has updated with our Day 1 itinerary as well, but with more information and guides than me of course.

Coming up for Day 2 includes:
Paris Baguette
Lotte Departmental Store
Star Avenue 
Cheonggyecheong stream


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