Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Korea Trip 2013 Day 8

Day 8 of the trip was the last full day for us in Seoul. *insert ultra sad and grumpy face* 


The entire outfit was bought in one of the store in Myeongdong which costed less than S$10 in total. Yes both top and bottom. Such a steal!

We started the day kinda late? Wells, it's understandable that our energy levels were depleting really fast as the days go by. Haha! #justanexcusetolazeinbed

Our brunch location was at Gangnam, Butterfinger Pancakes, is one of the most popular all-day-american-style-breakfast in Seoul. Which probably is the reason why we had to queue a good half an hour before we could get a table. 

camwhore with the menu  reading the menu while we waited patiently. 

Finally gotten a table on the 2nd floor! 

3 orders again? Yes, because Qius and KK had breads again while we were still in dreamland. :X Anyways, I was so glad we chose to wait for a table because the food was really awesome! Definitely worth a re-visit! The pancakes were one of the fluffiest I've ever had, not even in Singapore. I love their mac & cheese with eggs as well. Oh boy, I'm so hungry for another round of Butterfinger!

Thumbs up for sure. 

Anyways, they have a humongous menu at Butterfinger Pancakes includes pancakes, waffles, toast, bagels, crêpes, sundaes, fish & chips, sandwiches, burgers, T-bone steak, omelettes and salads. 
*stomach growls*

88-9 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu (강남구 청담동 88-9번지) +82 2 3448 1070

Direction:  Take Gangnam Station exit 10, walk straight down the street and turn left (between The Body Shop and Café Bene). It will be on the second block on the left side of the road. 

The crazy shoppers in us went back to Myeongdong after our brunch for more shopping. :D

For our last dinner in Seoul (T.T), we met up with Qiu's korean friend who brought us to Noryangjin Fish Market. 

Noryangjin Fish Market is one of the largest fish market in Korea and it is directly connected to Noryangjin station by a bridge. 

Hi, we are tourists! :D

Visitors can choose their desired fishes/seafood from the many vendors (super competitive, so I assume the prices should be comparable).

After which the vendors will slices and prepares the fishes fresh on the spot for you.

You may then enjoy the sashimi at one the restaurants located in the market.

Sashimi cannot get any fresher than this!

May I also bring you attention to the octopus dish on the foreground. The dish is call sannakji (please take a big breath before reading on), it is a a small live octopus cut into smaller pieces and eaten while the tentacles are still moving. Yes, sounds gross? Haha! Sannakji is one of the exotic dishes in Korea. Do try it if you have a chance alright? I didn't dare to eat it at first, but I did in the end! Haha! I'm speaking from the bottom of my heart, it was delicious. Though it may be quite gross/annoying that the tentacles kept hanging to your lips and tongue. Haha! But that's the fun! I guess? :D

Can you see from the photo that I was enjoying my meal? :D

As for the bones of the fishes, they were being prepared into a hot & spicy fish stew, maeuntang.

I love the fish stew! Almost finished the entire thing on my own as the girls did not fancy this. I guess hot&spicy always have a way into my stomach. 

Our companies for the night. Thank you boys for bringing such an exotic experience to us. :) 

Direction: Take the metro to Noryangjin Station (subway line 1) and take the exit 1. Walk over the bridge that is connected to the market (about 100m). 
PS: It will be good to have a korean friend with you because the vendors tend to jet up the prices when they see that your're a tourists. Also note that maeuntang and sannakji can only be enjoyed at fish markets like this. :)

After a very good dinner, our 2 korean friends brought us to Seoul Tower aka Namsan Tower (since it is located on mt. Namsam). 

The famous 'Love padlock trees'

It is actually the highest point in Seoul.

By the way you need to pay in order to take the lift to the observatory decks (I think it's about 8000 won if I didn't remember wrongly).

There is a Teddy Bear Museum too but we didn't have the chance to visit. :( 

Direction: You can also take a yellow bus at Chungmuro station (Line 3 or 4) or at Dongguk University station (Line 3), which will take you to the parking lot of N Seoul Tower. Bus No. 2 will drop you off at the bus stop right below N Seoul Tower, and you can walk up to Seoul Tower Plaza. After completing your tour, take the same bus at the bus stop where you got off. 

We actually walked back to our guesthouse from Seoul Tower as our guesthouse (Namsan 3 guesthouse) is relatively nearby too. :) 

Alright, this sums up our last night in Seoul :( Stay tune for the last post of this Seoul trip! 


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