Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: Eggs & Berries

Yet another 'all-day-breakfast' cafe tucked away in the fast East, Changi Point. 

We were there on a Sunday brunch hour, so it was almost full house. But I'm sure Eggs & Berries is quite popular especially among the East-siders since there are only that few cafes in the East. 

Love the design ambience of the cafe, modern with a hint of retro in it. The colourful interior design definitely brightens up the mood as well! 

Sweet brioche French toast with sausage and scrambled eggs that comes with bacon and pancakes. 

A carbo-loaded entry for sure, however it tasted 'so-so'. Well, choose this if you're looking for something that can keep you fuelled for a long time! 

Egg Benedict.

Personally was quite disappointed with their Egg Benedict. First it was costly, a single portion of Egg Benedict costed $12.50. :/ Second, being a cafe that says 'Eggs & Berries' I naturally have a high expectation on their eggs, however I wasn't amazed. :/   


Giant prawn pasta. 

Despite the disappointment with their breakfast menu, their pastas were surprisingly good! What an irony. 

Berries Good. 

Sweet ending to the meal was however another disappointment. I don't remember having any waffles elsewhere which was so dry. :( Could hardly swallowed the waffles without the whipped cream and blueberry jam. >.< 

Well, although the breakfast menu was a disappointment (My followers on Instagram told me that their food was much better when they first started but has dropped ever since), their pastas are indeed worth a try! However, that doesn't mean I would be willing to travel back to the East for them. :P 

Eggs & Berries
5 Changi Business Park Central 1 +01-37/38
Changi City Point Singapore 486038
Tel: 6636 4212
Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm Daily


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