Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Review: Ding Tai Fung

 Met up with my lab girls some time back and we decided to have Ding Tai Fung.

Guess what? This is actually my first visit to Ding Tai Fung. Hahaha! Well, I hardly eats 'Chinese food' when I'm out since I'm having it everyday at home.

5 famish girls.

It's a little stress eating with the girls because I'm the only one interested in taking photos. LOL! But thanks girls for always asking if I want to snap a shot! <3 

We had 3 noodles and 2 rice dishes. Honestly, we were disappointed with the noodles dishes. However, their famous fried rice definitely live up to it's name. 

Of course, mandatory order. 

xiao long bao. 

This dumpling is actually very similar to xlb , exact filling except the skin was sightly thicker. I guess it will appeal to individual who prefers thicker skin for their dumplings? :)

One of the pau. 

I think it's a chive and cabbage pau. Something like that. Sorry, too long ago. :P We thought it was a little on the dry side. 

Ending with a shot with my pretty girls! <3 

We went to Paris Bageutte next and chatted till the shopping centre has to off it's light (a sign to chase us home). That totally explains how engross we were in our chats that we lost track of time. :D 

Wisma Atria 
435 Orchard Road Level 4 Singapore 238877
+65 6732 1383


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