Thursday, December 5, 2013

Review: Bibigo

Our usual Saturday-date with the boy trying to play romantic and suggested that we visit the beautiful MBS. Hence dinner at the nearby Suntec City.

Suntec City has recently renovated to house a wide range of cafes and restaurants. We actually walked a few rounds before deciding on Bibigo.

Bibigo is established by the renowned Korean corporation, CJ, with over 1000 restaurants in 20 different countries Worldwide. Interestingly, the brand "Bibigo" is a Korean-English portmanteau from Korean 'bi-bi-da' (to mix) and English, 'to-go', blending quick service and convenience with a bold new interpretation of Korean culinary traditions. What attracts us was also the promise of 'healthy and fresh food' and of course I miss my Korean food. T.T

Ordered a rather 'light' dinner to share since we had a late homemade Japanese meal earlier and we wanted to save some space for dessert later too. :D

Spicy soft tofu stew with seafood, $10.

The boy was very cute and asked why the stew has so much tofu. LOL! I can't help but to compare it with what I had from Korea, definitely a far cry.

Red chicken, $8.

A Korean interpretation of our sweet and sour pork. I find the chicken to be so tough that it was almost a challenge to chew on. However, the sauce was definitely a favourite.

Spicy rice cakes, $7.

A must eat street food in Korea. However, judging from the portion of the rice cakes, $7 is 'day-light robbery' to me. I wouldn't feel so if the rice cakes were comparable to the ones which I paid penny in Korea. :/

Courgette pancake, $8.

Korean style pancake with courgette, sweet potato and butternut squash. Immediately told the boy I wanted this and you know the reason. *.*

To my dismay, the entire dish was almost swimming in a pool of oil! I was like, isn't the restaurant promoting healthy eating? Alright, that was me trying to act a health freak for a moment. I finished the entire thing still. LOL.

Overall, I find the food here to be average. However, for Korean food to be marketed at $10 especially for their mains, it's a steal. Something worth trying if you're on a tight pocket. :) 

3 Temasek Boulevard 
Singapore 038983
#B1-107, Suntec City Mall
Contact: 6338 5809
Operating Hours: 1000-2200 daily


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