Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lunar New Year 2014: Day 0 + Day 1

Ok, I know that CNY is well over, but I'm still going to blog about it for memory sake. So please bear with me for a few posts on my CNY. Heh. 

Shall we start with the CNY eve then. 

OOTD on the eve. 

Was kinda turned off by the fact that I need to be in school on the eve as the festive feel has already kicked in. Wells.. :/ 

Well-pampered by the boy with Cedele's curry pumpkin soup and cinnamon bread for lunch before heading home to reunite with the family. 

Because absence makes the heart grow fonder. 

A series of photo-spamming with mummy before we went to prepare for our reunion dinner. 

Due to time constraint, we didn't have our usual 'Pen Chye' this year. Wells, it's the people who are reuniting around the table that matters. :) 

Of course, need to have my fave, LO HEI. I said my fave because I literally licked clean the entire plate myself. :D So yummy!! 

That's about CNY eve where we had to 'shou shui' (stay awake) through the night. I think it's a form of blessing for your parents? 

Alright, moving on to Day 1 with 4 hours of rest.



It's a family 'tradition' where every CNY I'll make the family do a series of photo-taking. I'm definitely an advocate for photography as I believe moments are short, but photos last forever. Thus, you'll always be seeing me capturing every little details with my Samsung galaxy or even iPhone 5. 

+1. <3

More photo-taking spamming before we finally made our way to our first house visit.

Because the pool is too pretty. LOL. #JUSTWANTTOTAKEPHOTO

Yearly, Chu Yi (day 1) will always be at my Elder Uncle's place. 

What used to be steamboat has transformed into catered buffet over the years. I know it's probably a more fuss free alternative, but I still prefer steamboat somehow. I guess it's more heartwarming and CNY-ish to just sit round the table together and dig from a common pot? Maybe just me. Bleah. 

And of course, we don't put our effort to dress to a waste. 

Events like this calls for more photos. :D 

This little puffer ball in the middle was totally the star of the day. 

Meet Abbie the puffer ball. 

Fit to be a dad? :P

KTV-ing with the boy. Omg. I usually don't sing infront of the 'public' pleaseeee. 

Stayed till evening before the boy sent me back to change (need for OOTN. :P). 

We were heading to his place for dinner with his relatives. Not my first time visiting his relatives though, probably the 3rd time. 

It was a pizzay night with some homecooked food. 

They even bought a mandarin orange cheesecake and other desserts as well. If I were to sum up my day 1 in a phrase, it will be 'non-stop feasting'. I felt like a ball seriously.  HAHAHA!

Ok, you gonna stay tune for the rest of my CNY series right? Yay! <3 <3 <3



  1. Hi Lirong

    I can see you been enjoying food and eating a lot but you managed to stay slim which is a blessing. Wish I am like you, having both cakes and eating them without guilt! As the Chinese saying goes: "eating is luck"

    Priscilla Poh

    1. Hi Priscilla,

      Hahaha, thank you dear! Not quite true because I'm definitely growing horizontally as well. :P I wish you had an enjoyable CNY too! <3