Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lunar New Year Day 2 + Day 3

Continuing my CNY series. Here's Day 2 of the festive!

OOTD to another house visit at Qiao's place.

Another catered buffet for lunch. 

Bonding time with the younger generations. Gosh, am I old?  

These two cute pies totally made our day!!! 

Hello, I have sexay butt. 

An entertaining afternoon with the little ones before we headed off the my Da Jie's place. 

She prepared a table of homecooked feast for us! 

Everything was so good considering the fact that it was her first time cooking up such a storm! *clap clap* 

I definitely have a very blessed stomach the entire CNY. :') 

Moving on to Day 3, also the official last day of holiday for most people before going back to work. 

Finally, it's my family's turn to host the relatives. 

Yes, if you haven't realised, we don't hop around many places in a day, in my family we take turn to host each other everyday.  

Wells, some may feel that it's 'boring' to stay in one house the entire day? For my family definitely not. In fact most of the time we feel that the time isn't enough for us to spend together!

The boy's having a great time himself with the kiddos definitely. <3 

Ending this post abruptly, so see you for the next one. :D 


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