Monday, February 24, 2014

Lunar New Year Day 10

Skip, skip skip, moving on to Day 10 of CNY. A very eventful one in fact. 

The day started with a brunch at this organisation which my Elder Uncle is currently chair-ing. 



A 7 course dinner-style brunch.

The Uncle giving his first speech as the chairman. 

Ok, after the event we had to 'gallop' right to my cousin's house warming.  

Love love the design of her house, especially the wallpaper! Too prettay~ 

I thought I'll be too full to eat but we had another plate of food. :/

Second lo hei of the day. Not complaining because I can really eat lo hei all day, any day! Hahaha! But people, please be more gentle with when you're lo hei-ing ok? :/ 

More photo spamming before I headed to my next location. 

That's filled with food, again.

Had potluck with GAMBITS.

Bought along my fav pumpkin salad (recipe can be found here).

and a strawberry tofu cheesecake!!! Yes, I'll be sharing the recipe very soon! :) 

Glad to receive positive reviews from all of them. Yay! 

My 3rd lo hei in a day. 
So I'm bound to HUAT for the entire year right? hahaha! 

Yum x 1000000000


I'm surprised that my stomach didn't burst after an entire day of eating non-stop. Lol! 

CNY 2015 I'm looking forward to you!!! heh. Till then~



  1. Lirong

    You are so blessed to eat your heart out and still looking slander. I wish I can be like you. Maybe you are still in your late teen, hence, vertical uprising, not horizontal expansion!, haha ... Enjoy and huat ah!, no wonder you're always look cheery and happy for what more than for a man to be able to enjoy and eat.

    Priscilla Poh

  2. Haha! Thank you dear. I do wish this continues. :PPP have a great week ahead! ^^