Sunday, March 16, 2014

Christmas 2013

Oh gosh. I know. A christmas post in March?! HAHAHA! 



Anyhow, this was Christmas feast 2013. 

Le famiy. 

Alright, here's the foodporn.

Cheesy pizza with stuffed crust. 

Cheese lover would totally die for this. Yes, I'm a cheese lover *died*

Korean fried chicken.

Korean chicken burger

Alright, once upon a time KFC had the Korean edition of their chicken. Got them because I miss my Korean fried chicken. The sauce were good but.. a little more sauce would be better. 

Cheese fries. 

Something I have to for every KFC visit. :D

Besides the KFC and Pizza Hut delivery, I also made some food to go with them. Something healthy to balance out the unhealthiness of course. 

Pumpkin and apple salad.

I'm not even joking when I say I could have this everyday! hahaha! Recipe could be found here.

Soba and tuna salad. 

Recipe is similar to my this, except with the addition of frozen vegetable and tuna. 

Potato and egg salad.

A classic salad which nobody can detect. 

Of course, there need to have desserts to round off the night evening.

Christmas fruit cakes.

Be sure to baked this way in advance before Christmas, like 3 weeks in advance. The flavour was so so so good! Can't promise I'll be able to post the recipe for this (too busy. :P) But a simple google can generate more than enough for you to refer too. :)  

M&M Christmas Logcake. 

Kidish? I know right. Hahaha! It was really fun making it though! Again, won't be able to share the recipe. Maybe I will when Christmas 2014 is here! LOL. 

Had so much preparing all the food for the family! 

For as long as they enjoy themselves, everyday is so worthwhile. :)

Oh you probably think it's so scary that a family of 4 finished so much food? Well, that's only my dinner part 1. :P

I went over to the boy's place to have dinner with his family. 


Pumpkin soup. 


Garlic bread.

Which I cleared dozen as they go so well with the pumpkin soup! :D

Baked potato and baby carrots.

Grilled chicken chipolata and steamed vege.

Honestly, I never knew chicken chipolata tasted so YUMMY! <3

Turkey from Han's.

Am I well-fed? I think I'm OVER-FED! 


Another logcake to round off the fatty night. :D

Alright, can I join a eating competition now? LOL! 


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