Monday, April 21, 2014

Review: Kith Cafe

On a rare Saturday, the boy and I manage to squeeze some time out for a nice brunch together... Before we went back home and pull our hairs again to complete our assignments.

How I miss time like this. :/

We were there on an early morning and boy. What a queue there was! Talk about lazing on bed on a weekend right? I guess it's clearly food > bed over here.

Kith Café has been around for the longest time and before I even visited I have in mind what I wanted. :D 

Crab Pasta, $22.

Pasta fans please look here. Tasted and assured by many (+me) to be one of the best crab linguine in Singapore. I licked the plate clean and cried for more. T.T

Big Breakfast, $16.50.

I was very much looking forward to the big breakfast set as the scrambled eggs look so tempting! But sadness, I was quite disappointed. The scrambled wasn't of the right texture for me, moist and creamy. My heart broke. :'( Anyone has any good places for scrambled eggs to recommend? I head Flock's café, Club Street Social and Ronin are good.

Still it was a good break away from work. :)

Park Mall
9 Penang Road
Operating Hours: 8am to 10pm



  1. you have written disppointed as disappeared i think?

    1. oops! Sharp eyes you have here! Thanks! :D

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