Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Media invite: Red House Seafood 小红楼

Bringing families together since 1976, Red House Seafood is one of the oldest seafood restaurants in Singapore! 

In celebration of their 38th anniversary this year, Red House has introduced a host of new dishes, set lunch and two celebratory set dinners, exclusively at its flagship Prinsep Street outlet. 

Centrally located in the heart of Singapore's museums and heritage district, the flagship at Prinsep Street is really huge after combining two shophouses into one. While the design is a very pleasantly mixed of contemporary and traditional Chinese. 

By the way, if you don't know. Red House Seafood's seafood supply is specially sourced and flew from the pristine waters of Scotland three times a week! 

Oh. I realised mirrors are everywhere! An ideal décor for selfie! :D 

As mentioned, Red House @ Prinsep Street is offering an affordable lunch set menu for everyone. Priced at $38++ for 2 persons, you get to enjoy a 5-course lunch which includes a dim sum basket, creamy custard prawns, oyster 'yuan yang' hor fun, daily greens and durain mochi. 

Dim Sum Basket. 

Siew mai, mixed mushroom dumpling, scallop & chives dumpling. 

 Baked char siew pau.

If there's something that I won't get sick of eating, that would be dim sum. I enjoyed the dumplings the most as hardly you would find such interesting combinations.

Garlic Steamed Megrim Fish, $100/kg. (not available in the lunch set menu)

A departure from the usual fish options, Megrim fish is an uncommon flat fish from turbot family that is textually silky and delicate in taste! 

Steamed with garlic, quality soy sauce and spring onions to allow its flavours to shine. Because less is more to bring out the sweetness of this fish. 

Spicy Seafood Combination, $28/$42/$56.

A Thai-inspired creation of fresh cuttlefish, prawns, scallops and Garoupa fish slices in an enticing kaffirlaced curry sauce. This is just so addictive especially with a basket of deep fried mantou! 

Behind the scene of busy food bloggers. :D 

Steamed Chilli Crab Buns, 3 for $8 (not available in the lunch set menu).

Voted 'Best Chilli Crab 2008' by Time Out Singapore Magazine, for every chilli crab being served, a scoop is taken out to make these delicious steamed buns. Chilli crab lovers, you cannot miss this. 

Scottish Brown Crab in White Pepper, $58/kg (not available in the lunch set menu).

Look at how the chef has plated the crab so beautifully! As mentioned the seafood is flew directly from Scotland, crustaceans as well. 

We Singaporeans are too familiar with our black pepper crabs. For a change, let's do white pepper, which was fragrant and spicy with every bite of the firm flaky flesh! 

You must be wondering how is this compared to Sri Lankan crabs? Wells, I'm not crab expert. But I do find the Scottish one's meat to be firmer as compared. 

Oyster 'Yuan Yang' Hor Fun, $20. 

The moment of truth. 

A boldly presented dish with deep-fried swirls of hor fun atop a bed of Scottish oysters and fragrant wok fried hor fun in delicious gravy. I know right. Have you ever seen oysters of this size?! 

Daily greens - Stir fried nai bai with garlic. 

Something healthy to end our blood-clotting lunch. Haha. 

Of course, some desserts to end the yummy session. 

Lemon grass jelly with lime sorbet. 

It was definitely a very refreshing dessert to have after such a heavy meal. Not to mention how hot the weather is now these days. 

Durian mochi 

Oh boy. I love this combination so much. Durian and mochi, so delicately soft and tender! 

Besides the valuable lunch set menu ($38 for 2 persons), Red house is also offering two new set dinners - 'Modern Anniversary Set Dinner and 'Signatures' Anniversary Set Dinner both priced at $388++ for 6 persons and includes a bottle of premium champagne or white wine or two jugs of Tiger Beer. 

Check out Red House Seafood's website for more details! :) 

68 Prinsep Street
Singapore 188661
Tel: +65 63366080 
Operating hours: Monday to Friday: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5pm-11pm
                         Sat, Sun & PHs: 11am-3pm, 5pm-11pm



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