Saturday, May 10, 2014

Media invite: Saboten @ IMM

Good news everyone! 

The World's largest tonkatsu chain, SABOTEN, has landed itself in IMM, with a brand new dining concept. 

Just look at the dining crowd, it wasn't even 7pm when I was there. 

Do you know that Saboten has over 500 branches worldwide? :O 
It is a must-go place for katsu aficionados! 

Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu & Loin Katsu Gozen, $17.90. 

A total of 18 valuable set meals have been introduced, starting from $14.90 only and exclusively at IMM outlet only. We were really spoiled with choices! In the end, the boy picked this shabu shabu set. 

Now, why do I say it's value for money? 

For just $17.90, we get to enjoy not just high quality wagyu beef, you also get half a loin katsu, a slab of saba fish, rice, cabbage, chawanmushi and orange. It was no wonder that their tables were so big and spacious! Definitely, much needed.  

Each slice of the beef is thinly sliced to achieve that melt-in-your-mouth sensation. 

Remember don't leave your beef for too long in the hotpot! 

By the way, Saboten is voted to serve the BEST TONKATSU in Singapore by Hungrygowhere!

 Using only the freshest ingredients is their key to success. All pork is freshly imported from Indonesia to ensure the juicy and succulent texture of their cutlet. Also, only high quality breadcrumbs that are specially imported from Japan is used to achieve the crispy and non-greasy exterior of their katsu. 

Black Pepper Kurobota Teppanyaki & Loin Katsu Gozen, $20.90. 

My choice for the night as I wanted something different from the boy. 

The glory kurobuta. 

The black pepper lends a piquant taste, immediately enlivening the dish! 

This set comes with all the sides as well! Except the saba fish is replaced with sashimi. :D 

Sashimi. <3 

Hotate scallop mentai. 

Got this as my 'dessert' since there wasn't any on the menu. To my surprise, this was a really delightful one! 

The scallops were so pillowy and juicy~ 

It sure was a very enjoyable night filled with yummy food. ^^

OOTD, beside a high dustbin. 

  • 2 Jurong East Street 21 #01-19 
  • IMM Building
  • Singapore, Singapore 609601
  • Operating hours: 1100 - 2200
  • Tel: 6898 3432


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