Monday, May 12, 2014

Review: Real Food @ Square 2

As the girl is currently very occupied with her workload. She decided to outsource invite the boy, Mr Tan, to do a guest post. Well, since he's very much in an idle state and he has been to all the food tastings with all. #timetopayback. 

So sit back and enjoy this visual ride with Mr Tan~  Hehe.. :P 


So after a long day at work, the girl and I decided to detoxify ourselves by having vegetarian food for dinner! 

A very nice, warm and quiet area at the basement of square 2.

Nice interior with magazines placed on shelves while you wait for the food to be served.

The boy, with a serious look, on his iPad figuring where to go for dessert next. :P

Now for the girl, thinking of the next holiday destination. :D

Our simple &healthy dinner for the night!

Real organic pumpkin soup, $8.80.

Made with organic pumpkin, bay leaves and celery, served with grilled artisan bread.

Looks tempting, isn't? 

Soup was a little diluted alike the ones from Cedele or The Soup Spoon. Nonetheless, the girl polished it clean. So that says it all ya?  

Baked brown rice, $13.80.

Organic brown rice, special homemade roasted vegetable sauce, mushroom, cashew nuts, coriander, tomato, mozzarella cheese wrapped in more cheese.  

Have some? Wish the portion could be larger though. 

Dumpling soup, $7.

Homemade dumpling made of carrots, mushrooms, bean curd, French beans and chestnuts. 

Yums! The girl really loved this that she couldn't stop praising on how good the dumplings were! 

So if you nearby square 2 and craving for some vegetarian meal, do head down to the basement and check out Real Food! 

So how? Did I do a good job? :D 

10 Sinaran Drive
Square 2

Mr Tan. 

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