Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review: Steamed Chilli Crab Dumplings @ Din Tai Fung [Till 31st August 2014 only]

A few weeks back I brought the family out for a dinner at Din Tai Fung @ NEX. Only on one motive. 

To finally try their Chilli Crab Dumplings! :D 4 for $7.50. These babies has to be good. 

Unlike the usual xlb, these steamed chilli crab xlb are 40% bigger than the usual! But, the signature 18 folds on the dumpling is still well maintained. 

If you like chilli crab, you surely have to give this a try! Each xlb is packed with generous amount of crab meat and broth! So good that even 4 won't be enough for me. :P 

Only available from now till 31 August! So get it before its gone again! ^^

On the table was also the ever popular fried rice. I ordered both versions for the parents to try. 

Sadly, the pork chop was a let down. :( 
The meat was so tough to bite on. :/ 

Nonetheless, the rice did not disappoint. Daddy and mummy both agreed that the fried rice were pretty well done! 

Of course, I couldn't let the family go away without some Xiao Long Bao! :D

Need no introduction on how good their xlb's are. They are the benchmark always. 

Steam prawned dumplings that I personally would always order whenever I'm at DTF. :D 

Steamed yam dumplings. 

Didn't know this existed on their menu until my tasting at DTF the previous time. Omg.. Mummy and I love this so much! The yam flavour was so authentic. Wish there could be more yam-related items on their menu! 

Steamed vegetable pau, which was too dry for my liking. 

Steamed pork pau. A much better attempt as the meat was really juicy and the meat to pau proportion was good as well. 

Would have ordered the wonton in chilli oil instead, but mummy couldn't take any spicy food. So this is a non-spicy version, just tossed in light sauce and vinegar I think. 

Not a fan of noodles from DTF, especially their soup version. But this dried one is still passable. I love to spam their chilli to go with this! :D 

Steamed thousand layer cake. Heard a lot about how awesome this cake is. But I was quite disappointed? The 'cake' was really dry and lack any taste. :/ 

Steamed glutinous rice cake with mashed red beans. This however was really good!! Almost had the entire basket to myself. Hehe.. I remembered having something like this in China too! I need to find a recipe for this. <3 

Overall, another good experience at Din Tai Fung. Especially their good services! ^^ Glad that the parents enjoyed the meal. They were so fascinated by the 'Shi Fu' in the kitchen that they couldn't stop staring at them. They literally stood there for the longest time just talking about what the 'shi fu' was doing. Haha. So cute to see them I feel! But must be awkward for the shi fu. :P 

Really enjoy such family time. :') 

Anyway read more about the food at Din Tai Fung over here. :) 


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