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Media Invite: Weekend Brunch @ Seasons Bistro

Situated at Triple One Somerset, the relatively new restaurant, Seasons Bistro, strives to present seasonally-changing menus with an eye on the multi-faceted cuisines of the Americas as its inspiration.

When ingredients are in season, they are superior in flavour and also more accessible in price” - Seasons Bistro.

Designed to welcome diners at any time of the day, the spacious establishment is bedecked with warm wood furnishings against the expansive glass windows that offer a great view of the bustling streets of Somerset Road.

How does the idea of enjoying a wholesome Weekend brunch amid some people watching? This was what came across my mind as I was sipping my cup of tea and waiting for the food to arrive. Rejuvenating for sure. 

We started our brunch with some starters and salad which are available on their lunch and dinner menu. If I'm not wrong, these are actually some of the newest creations on Seasons Bistro's menu. As mentioned, their menu will always be changing in order to provide the freshest ingredients for all of us. ^^ 

Baked Aubergine & Harissa Salad, $17.

Enjoy the flavours of the Orient in this refreshing salad, which is made of pomegranate, ciabatta, tomatoes, chick peas, confied lemons, field greens, parsley, mint and shaved goat cheese. 

I actually enjoyed the salad a lot, especially the grilled eggplant! However, I will love it more if not for the goat cheese. It's quite overpowering for my liking. If you have no issues with goat cheese, this makes a refreshing start to a meal.

Popcorn Chicken, $14. 

Jamaican jerk sauce with spicy popcorn. 

Now this is what I call a popcorn chicken. Beware, this is really addictive! 

Grilled Shrimp 'Margarita', $18. 

Avocado, summer tomatoes, red cabbage, jicama, watermelon, tequila spiked cocktail sauce & lime. 

If I were to choose, this has to be my favourite starter. It was refreshingly good! I love how there are so many different flavours in a small glass but yet they work so well together for the palate.  Of course, the star has to be the shrimp, which was so juicy! 

Did I mention I love the 'warmness' of the food presentation? It already brings much happiness to me even before me eating up the food. 

The highlight of the tasting, everyone's favourite - brunch. 

Seasons Bistro's weekend brunch menu is available  from 10am to 4pm, on weekend only of course. 

The Lumberjack, $18.

Eggs (anyway of your choice), smoked bacon, sausage, homefries, a pancake and maple syrup. 

We chose our eggs to be done scrambled and glad we did! I've been on a quest to find the best scrambled eggs in Singapore and this could probably make into the list! I like my scrambled eggs to be more on a creamy side and this has it.  The homefries was excellent too and the sausage as well! Not a fan of bacon, but my foodie friend taught me to dip it into the maple syrup and it sure works. :D 

The breakdown of the entire plate. Now the part about the pancake. Everything else fails if the pancake can't deliver. 

But nope, the pancake was so soft and fluffy!! Could literally have it with just the maple syrup. All of us were full of praises for the pancake. One of the best I have ever had so far. Definitely worth returning for! 

Freedom Toast, $16.

Egg dipped bread, smoked bacon, brie and maple syrup. 

Another winner for me. French toast was so soft that I could just have it on its own. 

Anything soft and fluffy wins my heart. 

Montreal & Lox, $15. 

Toasted bagels, cream cheese, capers, onions, smoked salmon, tomatoes and greens. 

I'm not a fan of bagel due to its dryness. However, I appreciate the generous amount of smoked salmon on this plate. 

No meal is completed without desserts as always. 

Season's Carrot Cake, $12. 

The most popular dessert at Seasons Bistro and I'm convinced. Look at the generous amount of pecans in just this slice of cake! Omg. I love pecans. :D With a hint of cinnamon and not overly sweetened cream cheese frosting, this makes a perfect ending to a meal. 

Mojito Tart, $12. 

Toasted coconut pastry tart filled with mint lime curd and a cream rum. I love the buttery of the tart shell and the taste of mojito in the tart. So intriguing. 

Season's deconstructed black forest cake, $14. 

A newly constructed 'deconstructed black forest cake' by the pastry chef. LOL! 

I don't fancy the normal black forest cake because of the thick layer of cream. But this 'deconstructed black forest cake' was nothing like that. It was really moist and light, more of a moussecake I would say. If only I could ask for the recipe. T.T 

Just have to. 

Overall, I find the brunch menu at Seasons Bistro to be really friendly to the pocket. This is especially hard to come by when you're dining in Orchard Road! Would definitely recommend you to try their pancakes when you're here! :D *personal favourite* hehe.. 

111 Somerset Road, #01-11/12
Singapore 238164

Mondays - Thursdays: 11:00- 12:00
Fridays: 11:00- 2:00
Saturdays: 10:00- 2:00
Sundays: 10:00- 12:00

Contact: 6836 5841


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