Saturday, September 27, 2014

Media invite: Tim Ho Wan @ Aperia Lavender

Tim Ho Wan, I'm sure you need no introduction to the cheapest Michelle Starred restaurant in the World. :) 

After making it's way onto Singapore's shore last year, Tim Ho Wan has quickly expanded to open many outlets around the island due to it's popularity. It has recently opened its 5th outlet at Aperia Lavender, a new hangout in Kallang/Lavender area. 

The mall was so new that the amenities weren't even up. Yet, I saw a queue forming outside the Tim Ho Wan when we arrived at 7pm on a Friday night. I'm truly amazed. Like how did they find out?! Haha! They must be true Tim Ho Wan followers~ *thumbs right* 

Besides the usual items on the menu, Tim Ho Wan also introduces different new items every 2 months. 

So here are the 3 new dishes recommended by the chef. Only available in Singapore's outlet by the way!

Fried Potato Flour with Apple and Diced Chicken, 金薯萍果鸡粒酥, $5.

Check out these adorable egg-shaped towers! The crispy exterior is made of sweet potato flour and bread sugar and it houses apple dippers, mushrooms and chicken.

So adorable aren't they? Look like golden eggs and tiny chicks to me at the same time! Hee.. 

The interior of the 'ball'. As you can see from my plate, it was super crispy! The filling tasted like the ones you have from chicken pie, except it is creamier. :)  

过橋脆皮海鲜河粉 Crispy Seafood Rice Hor Fun,$6.80. 

Enjoy a new twist on the classic hor fun. Prawn roe, fresh squid and fish meat sit on a bed of crispy dried noodles! 

There are many ways in which you can choose to have your crispy noodles. I like to have the noodles soaked up with the superior soup broth! It was super flavourful and the sizzling sound got me all so excited! Heh. :P 

黒椒韮菜煎鍋貼 Pan Fried Dumplings with Leek, $4.50.

Expect an explosion of flavours when you bite into these pan-fried dumplings. Pork and leek are the star ingredients in this dish. 

This is my favourite among the 3 new dishes, the filling was well marinated with black pepper which makes the dumpling really flavourful one first bite. It was pleasantly moist as well! 

A dish that we had to order an extra serving just because it was so good! :D 

So grab your chance to try the 3 new dishes before they are gone! 

We also went on to order some of the usual items on the menu that I feel, you need to try! 

鲜虾烧卖皇 Pork Dumpling with Shrimp, $5
青芥末明虾角 Wasabi Salad Prawn Dumpling, $5
腐皮卷 Steamed Beancurd Skin Rolled with Shrimp & Minced Pork, $4

金蒜香菇菠菜饺,Spinach Dumpling with Shrimp, $3.80. 

Slightly different from the usual dumpling, the skin texture is more chewy! Either way, I love them all! Yummy! 

大排檔肠粉,vermicelli roll with sweet and sesame sauce, $4.20. 

If you have been to Hong Kong, you will know that the sweet and sesame sauce is unique to their culture. I once had my chee cheong fun with this sweet and sesame sauce when I was in HK. From then, I couldn't stop thinking of it!

Thank you Tim Ho Wan for bringing in my favourite sweet and sesame sauce! :') 

 晶莹鲜虾饺 Prawn Dumpling, $5.50.

Never been a fan of Hargow, but this was the first hargow that got one liking. :) 

Century egg congee which was really smooth! Almost a paste like texture! This spells comfort for me. :) 

酥皮焗叉烧包 Baked Bun with BBQ Pork, $4.50.

Need no introduction to this. The king of all dim sum at Tim Ho Wan. 

Biting into the crispy sugary skin reveals a savoury char siew that brought me to wonderland for a few moment. :')

香煎萝卜糕 Pan Fried Carrot Cake, $4.50. 

Tim Ho Wan's carrot cake is spiked with radish bits for that extra oomph. It also has an unctuous quality; a shine that adds to its beauty. 

Extremely soft carrot cake that left me wanting for more! 

香滑马来糕 Steamed Egg Cake, $3.80.

If the baked char siew is my king of dim sum, this is my queen. 

Extremely fragrant with Gula Melaka and coconut milk flavours, the cake is so soft and fluffy!!! Always craving for this whenever I think of Tim Ho Wan. <3 

Of course some sweets to end the yummy night. 

杨枝甘露 Mango Pomelo Sago, $5.  

杞子桂花糕 Tonic Medlar & Osmanthus Cake, $3.50.

A refreshing end a delicious dim sum night. :D 


Like many of you, I do feel that the Tim Ho Wan standard in Singapore is different from the one in Hong Kong. However, that's always the case right? Like the authentic one is always the best. Or it is just a mindset that we always have. 

However, for now, before I book a flight to Hong Kong. This is surely good enough to satisfy my crave for my baked char siew, steamed egg cake and many more! 

Lavender Aperia
12 Kallang Avenue#01-01/02/03 Aperia Singapore 339511
Tel: 6684 2000
Operating hours: Mon-fri 11am to 10pm (last order @ 9.30pm)
Sat, Sun and public holiday 10am to 10pm 


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