Saturday, November 29, 2014

Media invite: Ramen Champion's Shabu Shabu Ramen @ Great World City + GIVEAWAY

When think of Ramen Champion, the first time that comes into your mind is definitely ramen, I'm sure. But do you know that Shabu Shabu Ramen (as featured above) is now available at Great World City's Ramen Champion? 

"Shabu Shabu" is a popular hotpot in Japan. This concept was introduced to encourage diners to eat together from shared pot to foster relationships! Just like the steamboat that we have for Chinese! :)

I have previously been to Ramen Champion on a few occasions for their ramen, but shabu shabu is definitely a first! 

Set A, $59.00++ (good for 3-4 persons).

Pork Loin x 2 ($5.80 per plate)
Pork Belly x 2 ($5.80 per plate)
Beef Loin x 2 ($9.80 per plate)
Chicken x 1 ($5.20 per plate)
Assorted Vegetables x 1 ($8.00 per plate)
Seafood Platter x 1 ($14.80 per plate)
Ramen / Udon x 1 ($2.80 per plate)

Unlike most Shabu Shabu buffet restaurants, Ramen Champion believes in serving quality set meals. Simply because buffet is unhealthy and also to prevent unnecessary food wastage. Admit it, I'm guilty of over-eating whenever I'm having buffet and at the end of it, I don't find myself really enjoying the meal. 

So instead of being silly to over feed myself with too much food, I certainly would prefer quality food that just satisfy my craving now. ^^ 

Beside SET A @ $59++, 2 other sets are available as well (SET B @ $47++ and SET C @ $29++).
Which sets will include thinly sliced beef & pork, chicken, fresh seafood and vegetables and ramen! I find that it is a good choice for one who enjoys having a little of everything. :)

If it is not enough? Just top up with just enough to give you a happy stomach! :) 

For each Shabu Shabu Ramen, you'll get to choose 2 of the 4 soup base available. 

Kelp (seaweed)
Paitan (white broth)
Tom Yum 

Our choices of the night were Tom Yum and Paitan. We enjoyed the Paitan the most as we don't find it any salty like most hotpot soup broth would be, in fact it was so flavourful that we couldn't stop drinking more! 

On the other hand, tom yum soup was lacking the kick. Could definitely have more chilli padi in it! :D 

My definition of a perfectly cooked salmon. <3 

Scallop here is so juicy!! Major love! 

Shabu Shabu is directly translated as "swish swish". Hence the right way to eat this Japanese hotpot is to submerge meat into the soup and swish it back and forth several times till it's cooked. 

Just pinkish after "swish-ing". 

Afterwhich, dip the cooked meat into the sauces before consuming! Every hot pot comes with these 4 condiments, spring onions, sesame, spicy and ponzu (Japanese fruits vinegar). 

What's Ramen Champion without some ramen? Love the chewy texture of the Sapporo ramen that comes along with our set. 

If you're tired of too much meat from the Shabu Shabu, you can always order from the many other tasty treats from Ramen Champion's outstanding constenders - Menya Ryu, Butaou, Miyamoto and Tonkotsu Itto (read more about my favourites at here!)

If you're thinking of where to head for Christmas/ New Year gatherings, why not Ramen Champion's Shabu Shabu Ramen? The best kind of bonding is always over food! :D 

Now the GIVEAWAY! ^^

I'll be giving away 3 sets of Ramen Champion dining vouchers (worth $10 each) to my 3 lucky readers. :) 

Just 2 simple steps:
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Givaway closing date: 5th Dec 2014, Friday, 23 59 h.
Valid for readers reside in Singapore only.
Winners will be announced on my Facebook page. :)

1 Kim Seng Promenade,
Great World City #01-22,
Singapore 237994
Contact: 6235 1295
Operating hours:  DAILY 11:30 am to 10:30 pm


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