Monday, December 1, 2014

Media invite: Toast Box @ Shaw House [The #100 Toast Box outlet Wordwide!]

Recently I attended Toast Box @ Shaw House's grand opening, which happens to be the its 100th store worldwide! Definitely a huge accomplishment and I can't help but feel proud and honoured to be attending this special occasion. :')

FYI, Toast Box was established in 2005 and since then it has quickly expanded extended its footprint beyond local shores to countries such as China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand! 

Strategically located along one of the bustling underground links in Orchard Road, Toast Box’s 100th outlet at Shaw House evokes a sense of nostalgic with its interior design that reflects the late 70s of Singapore. 

I think one thing really touched me from this event is the strong bonding of the fellow people at Toast Box. I could easily tell that they really take pride in the work and they are just as close as family members. Super touched to see such lovely relationships formed. :') 

Anyway, the 100th store at Shaw House is really special. It pays homage to old traditional bakeries by featuring a specialty counter that showcases a selection of freshly-baked old school buns, as well as modern renditions of perennial all-time favourites! 

Only at Toast Box @ Shaw House would you be able to find this speciality bakery. Offering a line up of over 30 bakery products, Toast Box is out to meet the needs of everyone! 

Golden lava egg tart 黄金流沙蛋挞
 Mochi egg tart 麻糬蛋挞 
Coconut egg tart 椰丝蛋挞 (not pictured)

A re-invented with tempting new fillings, Toast Box’s trio of egg tarts presents a layer of luscious sweet custard impeccably-paired with savoury salted egg. I really love this version! The custard was really good, not overly eggy and the crust wasn't too thick as well! But I wish the golden lava egg tart could have oozed instead! 

Sunflower Pulut Hitam 紫米甜薯 $1.20 

Inspired by popular local desserts, Sunflower Pulut Hitam is a wholesome pick topped with six seeds and grains; white and black sesame, oats, pumpkin seed, flax seed and sunflower seed, and generously filled with black glutinous rice and Japanese sweet potato!

I have something for soft and fluffy bread and this bun did not disappoint at all! The entire combination worked really well for me too!

Char Siew Polo Bun 叉烧菠萝, $1.60.

A famous Hong Kong bread, honey-glazed roasted pork filling and infused with rich traditional Kopi flavour. I love the fluffy bread! Could just eat this bread anytime! :D On the other hand, I feel that the filling is not in any way resembling with the char siew. Don't get me wrong, it is surely nice and flavourful but I won't call this a char siew. 

Kaya Bun 咖椰包, $3.60 for six.

Filled with Toast Box’s signature Hainanese kaya, or coconut spread. I've always been a fan of Toast Box's soft buns! These pillow-soft pull-apart bites are now updated with a flaky and buttery Danish bread topping. Even more perfect for me now! <3 

Also in conjunction with the launch of the 100th store, Toast Box has added this 2-in-1 Kopi-O coffee bags to their product list! Now fans of Nayang Kopi can savour the familiar taste at their convenience! Priced at $7.80, each box comprises 20 sachets! I think it makes a lovely Christmas present for coffee lovers too! Don't you think so? ^^

Also, Toast Box has launched a new Kopi Card recently. With this card, it allows customers to redeem their kopi/teh with just a tap of the card! Super convenience, I have personally used the card to purchase my coffee and it's so fuss free! ^^

This card can be purchased for $18.80 to enjoy 12 cups of coffees (at the price of $1.40 per cup), which translate to an overall savings of more than $4.80! Isn't this a great steal 

ps: subsequent top-ups of the Kopi Card are at $16.80. :) 

Are you excited now, Toast Box fans? ^^ Remember to drop by Toast Box @ Shaw House to try all the yummy speciality bakes! 

350 Orchard Road B1-03 


Operating hours

Daily: 730am to 10pm 
6235 5354


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