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Media invite: O'Coffee Club's festive collection 2014, "My Favourite Things"

With Christmas coming in 3 weeks time, are you all ready to welcome the festive? 

Log cake checked? Turkey? How about classic fruit cake and traditional Christmas Stollen? 

These are the things that crossed my mind whenever I think about "My Favourite Things" during Christmas!:D 

This Christmas, O'Coffee Club is celebrating Christmas with all your favourite things!

Do you know that O'Coffee Club is actually one of Singapore's Superbrands in 2014 as well as AsiaOne's People's Choice 2014! 

Ranging from Christmas log cake, cookies, macarons, pralines to traditional fruit cakes and Christmas stollen, O'Coffee Club has surely met the theme of "My favourite Things" for this season of celebration!

What is Christmas without log cake ya? O'Coffee Club's log cake selections feature timeless and well-loved flavours! There are although 4 different log cakes for choice this year. 

1. Chocolate Wonderland (above), $53.50

An all time hot favourite among customers, this classic chocolate log cake starts with a luscious chocolate sponge and covered with layers of indulgent dark chocolate ganache, nuggets of cream cheese and crunchy praline feuilletine! 

This is made for all chocolate lovers, I'm sure. Despite being extremely full, I couldn't resist digging into mouthfuls of this delicious chocolate cake! 

2. Mont Blanc Yuletide, $53.50. (new flavour)

Made up of generous layers of velvety chestnut with kirsch and zesty blood orange jelly, enveloped in an aromatic chestnut mousse on a base of almond sponge.

3. Santa's Macadamia Noel,  $63.15. (new flavour)

Made with a crisp sable breton base, layers of macademia sponge dotted with crunchy macademia pieces and a smooth praline mousse infused with Gianduja chocolate. 

4. White Lychee Christmas, $58.85. (new flavour)

Features a light orange sponge cake layered with fragrant lychee emulsion and piquant raspberry jam, all wrapping around a rose essence cream in the centre. 

In the background is the White Lychee Christmas Log Cake! It has to be one of the best dessert we had for the tasting. It was light and really refreshing! I thought it makes a good choice if you are not a fan of heavy and rich chocolate log cake. :)

Also featuring the traditional fruit cake ($18, 400g), a delectable moist spice cake topped with generous amount of mixed fruits and classic Christmas stollen ($14, 400g), filled with golden sultanas & mixed fruits lightly coasted with snow sugar. 

I personally prefer the Christmas stollen, it was really soft and moist! One of the better stollen I've tasted so fast. :) 

Pralines Gift Box of 12, $24 (assortment)

You can find yourself Earl Grey Raspberry, Grand Marnier Sesame, Crispy Chocolate Feuilletine and Baileys. 

It was a close fight between the Earl Grey Raspberry and Crispy Chocolate Feuilletine for me! Earl Grey still wins after all. :) These pretty little ones definitely make a perfect Christmas gift!

Christmas Macarons, box of 4 - $9.64, box of 12 - $25.70. 

Pretty candy-coloured macarons are the perfect indulgence for ladies! :D You can just imagine the number of cameras directed at these pretty ones. Hah. 

Only available for the festive are flavours like Earl Grey Marshmallow, Gingerbread and Grand Marnier Sesame. 

While the classic flavours are Bitter Sweet Chocolate, Caramel & Peanut Butter, Coffee, Mango Passion and Strawberry & Coconut. 

Artisanal Christmas Cookies. 

Comes in 5 different flavours:
1. Oat & Raisins - $13.50/mason jar
2. Checkerboard, $18/mason jar
3. Sable (French Butter Cookies), $17.10/mason jar
4. Dark Chocolate Cookies, $9.80/pack
5. Gingerbread, $6.95/2pcs

I would totally buy for the mason jar! Hahaha! Anyway, we have much praises for all the cookies! So buttery and flavourful! 

Left: Joy, $9. 
Right: Jolly Mud Pie, $12.20.

Besides the sweets on the dessert table, we were treated to 2 additional festive bakes that are only available for this festive! 

Joy - grand marnier parfait with raspberry sorbet and sweet almond nibs. 

Jolly Mud Pie - layers of strawberry sorbet honey parfait, crunchy almond & Italian mint meringue.

I can safely say that everyone loved these two treats! It was funny how we were so quiet the moment we tasted the 2 desserts! 

We did not talk at all, all we wanted to do was to enjoy that sweet moment brought by the 2 cakes. :')

I really love how the sugar levels were so well-controlled at O'Coffee Club, none of them was overly sweet for me. In fact, I like the addition of citrus fruits in some of the bakes. It added some sourness to counter the sweet, making the dessert lighter and more refreshing! :)  

Smoked Duck Salad with Citrus Viaigrettee, $12.

Besides, the sweet desserts, O'Coffee Club serves some really good savoury items as well for Christmas! This smoked duck salad is only available till 31st Dec! :)

Assorted Finger Sandwiches.

Choices of croque monsieur, cucumber & dill and tomato with sea salt. 

Left: Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Onion.
Right: Oven-roasted Root Vegetable with Thyme & Butter. 

This is my favourite appetizer of all! Hehe.. root vegetable and brussels sprouts for me anytime! :D 

Chicken Pie.

Don't judge a book by its cover, this statement stands so true for this humble looking chicken pie! The boy and I contemplated in trying it and we were so glad we decided to try in the end! The pie was so good! Pity that I didn't get a shot of the filling, but it was really creamy but not overwhelming at all! Yums! 

Chicken Truffle Mushroom Pasta, $16.

It was a close fight between this truffle pasta and the chicken pie, in the end truffle anything wins. ^^ 
Love the smell of the truffle-infused pasta, but the taste was even better! Think truffle cream mixed with spaghetti. SOOOOOO GOOD! Only available for the festive so grab it before 31st Dec! 

Turkey Roulade with Cranberry Compote, $18. 

This is my first time having roulade and I really love it! It wasn't drying at all like what I have thought.

Whole-Roasted Tom Turkey.

Likewise to log cake, it is not Christmas without oven-roasted Turkey. This was surely the highlight of the event!

Don't you wish you could have a piece or 2? :P

Slow-roasted 120-day Grain-fed Ribeye with Red Wine Sauce.

The gorgeous slice of ribeye. <3

Omg... This is my type of protein! (and a second serving of truffle pasta for me! So yummy!)

Ok. This is a really really long post! Hahaha! That's all because we were really well-fed by O'Coffee Club with all the Christmas treats! 

Note that orders for festive collection can be placed NOW!

Orders from: 13 Nov 2014 - 22 Dec 2014
Last day of deliveries: 31 Dec 2014
Last day for self-collection: 31 Dec 2014

*all orders take 3 days to process

ps: we love the beverages as well!! I'm not joking when I say I'm a O'Coffee Club fan now! :D 

Thank you O'Coffee Club for the great, yummy spread! 

I can't wait for Christmas now! 

More information about the Festive menu at O'Coffee Club's website! ^^


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