Thursday, January 8, 2015

Recipe: Chocolate swiss roll with peaches +Tips to roll a swiss roll

Ok, another peach recipe from me! Now you know what is my favourite food eh? Heh. 

Today is a very old school recipe, and perhaps a very basic recipe that most homebaker will need to know? 

That's a basic swiss roll recipe! Specifically, chocolate swiss roll because chocolate is like a universal flavour. Although I must say I not the biggest fan for chocolate. Haha! 

Also, I totally understand how fearful it can be to roll a sponge cake. My brother literally questioned me when he saw me rolling the cake. He was like "Siao! How can you roll a cake?" (the first thing that came into my mind was, haven't he seen a swiss roll?) So I'll be sharing a few tips to roll a beautiful swiss roll at the end! :) 


5 egg yolks
50g milk
1 tbsp caster sugar
2tbsp oil
70g cake flour, sifted
15g cocoa powder

5 egg whites 
1/4 tsp cream of tar tar

3 tbsp caster sugar 

200g whipping cream
2tbsp sugar
SunMoon's peach fruit cups.

1. Preheat oven to 160 degree Celsius on medium rack. Line a 10" x 11" baking pan. 
2. Whisk egg yolks with sugar. Add in oil, mix to combine.
3. Add in milk, mix well.
4. Fold in cake flour, mix well, set aside
5. Using a and mixer, beat egg white till foamy, add in the cream of tar tar. 
6. Gradually add in sugar, beat till stiff peak.
7. Fold the egg white mixture into the egg yolk mixture
8. Pour the batter onto the lined swissroll pan, and bake for 25 minutes or when the skewer comes out clean. 
9. Turn the baked cake on a piece of baking paper. Slowly peel off the paper from the sponge
9. Place a new piece of baking paper over the cake, invert the cake again.
10. Spread evenly a layer of whipped cream before adding some peach fruits on top. 
11. Roll the cake up tightly from one end.
12. Wrap the swiss roll with clingwrap and let it rest in the fridge for an hour before slicing. 

ps: the make the whipped cream, use a handmixer to whip the whipping cream and sugar together. 

I think the most difficult part of making a swiss roll is certainly the rolling part. My heart crack instantly with the crack on my swiss roll as well. :/ That heart aching moment which I'm sure many of us will be able to relate. 

This is also why I've been avoiding swiss roll for the longest time. Too scary! Haha! 

But after much practices and through some trial and error, I've come up with a few tips to share with everyone in baking a 'crackless' or minimally cracked swiss roll! 

1. Roll the swiss roll when it is still warm. 

I've seen recipe saying that you should roll the swiss roll after it has been cooled. I've tried that and it didn't work. Logically, it doesn't make sense to me as well? When the cake has cooled, the tenancy of it cracking is even higher! So I propose you roll the sponge after letting it rest for about 10 min. 

2. Pre-roll the cake before spreading the the filling.

If you were to pre-roll the cake, it makes the subsequent rolling so much easier! This is because you have already helped to stretch the cake, making it so much easier for rolling! 

3. Do not under bake a swiss roll.

In fact you shouldn't underbake any cake la. Haha! But it is worse for swiss roll because the surface is still kinda wet and they have very high tendency to stick together! There goes your swiss roll then. :/ 

4. Score 2 lines at one end of the cake before rolling.

Yup, this might sound crazy to you. Like here we are trying to prevent the swiss roll from cracking and yet we have to literally make some cuts on the surface on the cake? Fear not, I've the same doubt at first too. But after I tried this method, it certainly make rolling so much nicer! Basically those lines are like a guiding marks to aid you in the rolling and you should start rolling your cake from this end! :)

This is all that I've to share for rolling of swiss roll. Hopefully they will be useful for you as well! ^^

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Till then everyone~


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