Sunday, March 22, 2015

Recipe: Sushi Rolls + Valentine's Day 2015

Another "later-post" which was more than a month late. :P 

Again for memory sake, I'm going to read about our simple Vday together. In fact our 2nd Vday as "SUNTAN". Hehe.. (read my dayre for more recent + instant updates! :D)

So as you can see. We did not have any fanciful Vday dinner at any restaurant, which would have very much up-marketed the price because of this occasion. Mr Tan and I are quite rational creatures. We don't believe in paying X2 or even more of the usual price just because it's Vday. So instead, we made our own feast! ^^

He came to my house earlier so that we could make our lunch together. Yup, we made sushi! I think we spent almost 2 hours to make everything. It was really fun though to make and learn together. ^^

Anyway, I adapted all the recipes from one of my favourite page for Japanese food recipe, Justonecookbook.

Click on link for her step by step guide! I find her recipe very comprehensive and easy to follow because she has step-by-step guides! So I shall not make it complicated by typing an all words recipe here. :P 

Anyway, of the 4 types of rolls we made, this California roll was my favourite of all! :D I think because it contained all my choice ingredients! :D 

Loosely adapted from Justonecookbook again. But can't compare to her version at all! Anyway, becareful than avocado turns brown really easily when left for too long! 

Smoked Salmon Roll.

Actually kinda the method as the California roll, just that I wrap it with an additional layer of smoked salmon! Topped with some cheddar cheese too! ^^

"Shiok Maki' - wannabe. 

Inspired from the famous Shiok Maki @ Koh Grill and Sushi Bar of course. But it was far from the real deal! >.< 

I actually got everything prepared but I was missing a very important item! A blow torch! T.T

Sigh.. but thankfully the yellow sauce I've created was a big hit! :D 

Shall not share the recipe for this then, since it isn't exactly "Shiok Maki". Haha! 

Anyway, it's quite simple, the sushi roll is the same as California roll (recipe above). The tricky part is the "Shiok" sauce. I'm not entirely sure what is that secret sauce, but I thought it has to do with mayonnaise. So I created a lemon egg mayo! ^^ 

Don't care if it isn't exactly the same type of sauce, as long as it tasted good! :P 

Oh, of course to complete the entire look, you need a blow torch to torch the sushi slightly. Well, that's what I had missed. :/ 

Moving on. Desserts to complete our meal of course. ^^ 

I baked something to surprise him as well! Heh. 

A very plain looking cake? Can't even guess what was I trying to make? :P

It's actually a peach chocolate pound cake. ^^

With hidden <3 in it. :)

Hmm.. anyone interested with this recipe? 

Not wasting the crumbs from the cakes, so a simple yoghurt parfaits for us!

All washed down with 100% natural coconut water from @justpickedcoco. No preseratives, additives or sugar added to the drink! Available at your nearest Cold Storage and Marketplace! ^^ Really a good heat and thirst relieve for the crazy heat these days. 

*rubbed belly and caught a movie after a very heavy and satisfying lunch*

Then we went on to make dinner. Haha! 

Creamy truffle linguine as requested by him. :) 

My new addiction - couscous! 

So yummy and so healthy! But I was a little too greedy to make a portion that's too big. :P 

Finally ended our celebration with desserts at Bing Go Jung.

I think the cafe is one of the earliest one to bring in the Bingsu fever into Singapore? Btw, it's a sister brand of my favourite Ju Shin Jung so of course the standard is there! :P 

Cafe was full house when we reached! Luck us, a table just cleared when we reached. ^^

Milk & Red Bean Bingsu, $10.50.

I actually prefer this version of shaved ice as compared to Nunsongyee. The latter was too fine for my liking. Contrastingly, he prefers Nunsongyee because the shaved ice is finer! Haha! See, food preference is very subjective. :P

I actually missed that there is a Matcha & Red Bean Bingsu on the menu, otherwise I'll definitely go for that! :( #anythingmatcha 

Caramel & Cinnamon Waffles, $5. 

We always get tempted whenever waffles appears on the menu. :P 

However, this wasn't to our liking as the waffles is the chewy type and not the usual ones that we always get. Kinda like mochi to me. 

I'm recommend you to stick to just their Bingsu if you're here! ^^

102 Guillemard road #01-01 
Singapore 399719
Operating hours: 12noon-10pm Daily
Contact: 6440 5509

Ended our lovely Vday with a night stroll along Singapore river. :) 

Although I told him not to get me any bouquet because it's seriously a waste of money to buy flowers on Vday! (am I too unromantic? :P) But, I guess any girl wouldn't mind to have a beautiful bouquet like this from your love one, right? :')

Thank you for pampering me. <3 



  1. Awww you two really are such a sweet couple! And those maki like seriously! Mmmm~

    1. Aww~ thank you Elizabeth! <3 *insert shy emoji*

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