Thursday, March 26, 2015

Review: Sakura International Buffet @ Yio Chu Kang

The family and I are huge fans of buffet, simply because we have appetites that only buffets could satisfy us. :P 

Thus, Sakura International Buffet is actually one of our most frequent buffet option! I think we must have visited at least three times over the years. I've actually blogged about them previously! Honestly, it was the price that kept us coming back for more, food wise was substandard then. 

So, when I was informed that Sakura International Buffet @ Yio Chu Kang has revamped their brand image, I'm more than excited to come down for the tasting event! :D 

With the brand new dining experience, even the interior design was made such that it's more modernised! If you were to notice as well, each table now has a small hotpot installed! Yup, hotpot option is now made available in the new buffet menu! 

Pre-pregnant stomach photo before we let ourselves loose with all the food. :P

Seriously, it's impossible to try them all, given the huge range of buffet spread! 8 different counters in total, which aim to bring diners on an around-the world food journey!

1. Japan.
Ama Ebi
Argentine Red Prawns
Assorted sushi
Cold appetizers
Snow Crab Chawanmushi
Shabu Shabu
Hiroshima Oyster

I was truly impressed with their sushi in fact! I used to shy away from Sakura's buffet sushi because they seriously were a waste of stomach space. But now, I couldn't resist getting a place and found myself coming back for more! 

Let's just hope that the standard will always be there. 

2. Thailand.
Pineapple Fried Rice
Green Curry Chicken
Fish Cake
Caramelised Tapioca
Papaya Salad 

I know people usually avoid carbo when come to buffet, but the pineapple fried rice was really good!

3. Hong Kong. 
 Signature Freshly-baked Portuguese Bird Nest Egg Tarts
Liu Sha Bao
Assorted Dim Sum
Dried Scallop Chicken Porridge 

One of the highlights of the revamped menu is this bird's nest egg tarts! Of course can't expect like real bird's nest inside.  Egg tart crust was too soggy for my liking but the filling was good! A bit on the sweet side so if you have a sweet tooth like me, you'll like! 

Also! Do try the baked Argentine red prawns! Had 2 and wanted more! If I had the stomach capacity I will.  This was also the counter that was always always empty. It was always being swept off the moment it was being refilled!

And of course the liu sha bao! You can't miss! Does it has flowy salted egg yolk custard? 

Seeing is believing. Even better than some dim sum places! <3 

4. USA.
Straight Cut Fries
Nachos with Hot Cheese Sauce
Chicken Popcorn
Breaded Fish Finger
BBQ Hot Dog
Baked Cheese Macaroni
Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

To be honest, this USA was a big miss. :/ They are edible, but really nothing stands out. 

5. France.
Whelk a la bourguignonne
White clams
Boiled prawms
Green Mussel
Whole Poached Salmo
Salad Bar
Homemade pickles

Probably the 'most worth it' counter of all! Haha! I love the whelk a la bourguignonne! Escargots in another word. Haha! 

6. Italy.
Pasta Selection

 Another counter that has more misses than hits. 

7. Local. 
Signature Boston Lobster & Argentine Red Hokkien Mee
Signature Hiroshima Oyster Omelette
Kambing soup 
Shark's Fin Soup
Hainanese Chicken Soup
Shrimp Paste Chicken
Otah Otah
Chicken Satay


Signature Boston Lobster & Argentine Red Hokkien Mee.

It's not signature without a good reason! This plate of Hokkien Mee could even beat some of them out there! 

More carbo for me as I love the DIY laksa concept here! :D

Not your usual oyster omelette too. This is Hiroshima oyster omelette! 

So huge, the oyster! <3 

8. Desserts.
Assorted Pastries
Local Desserts
Assorted Mochi
Freshly cut fruits
Durian Penget
Haagen Dazs - ice cream with chocolate lava

I highly recommend their durain penget, moussecake selection and chocolate lava cake from Haagen-Dazs!

Oh yes, I finished all these by myself. :P 

Coming in a large group is definitely ideal if you'll thinking of trying more food from the revamped buffet menu! :)

Round 1 of 4. :P 

Overall the revamped menu is definitely much better compared to the previous one! In fact, I'm already planning to bring my family here as well! ^^

210 Ang Mo Kio Ave 9 #01-208 
Yio Chu Kang Stadium 
Telephone: +65 6754 8197


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